After over 30 successful runs of our previous free seminar, we have received a lot of positive feedback, which we have used to revamp the content to create an even more content-packed seminar.

new free seminar


  • The Little-Known “Investment Wheel” Fund Strategy to Profit in All Market Conditions
  • Trading with the Big Boys – How you can detect big money movement in the market
  • The Art of Behavioral Analysis – How to read charts in 15 seconds or less without indicators
  • Insider Secrets – The missing ingredients not found in any books
  • Market Outlook & Case Studies – Real trades and real results!
  • Skills Training Program with Stocks & Forex LIVE! Trading Groups
  • Professional Fund Trading Opportunity with Funds Provided for Each and Every Graduate

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This new seminar will be packed with many more real-life practical examples, and will feature the new “Investment Wheel” fund portfolio strategy, which I used to build my wealth from scratch and achieve financial freedom at 27.

We will also take the chance to introduce some new features of our training program, such as the new LIVE! trading support groups, and a new fund trading opportunity with US$40,000 funds provided for each and every program graduate.

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This is the level of confidence we put into our training and the success of our graduates, which I am certain you won’t find anywhere else. (Note: This offer might end any time once the fund has recruited enough traders, so it is on a first-come-first-serve basis.) However, a slot is guaranteed once you have completed the training program.

To find out more, register for a free seat via this link:

Last Monday, I conducted a free workshop, “The 7 Best-Kept Secrets of Professional Traders”, to share more about my professional trading journey, and why new traders cannot beat the market no matter how hard they try unless they learn the secrets that professionals are using.

It was a great full-house event, and I had to close registration early due to the limited venue capacity. My apologies to those who did not manage to register in time.

Due to overwhelming response, I will be organising another session next Saturday on 1st November 2014. Please register early to avoid disappointment!

See you there! 😀

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Last week, I got invited to the NUS Invest Fiesta to share with students about my professional trading experience, and how they can pick up simple skills to start building their wealth from an early age.

It was a great full-house turnout, and once again a big thanks to NUS for the invitation!

Look forward to sharing more soon! 😀




I just got back from an exciting night at the AFACT (Association of Futures & Commodities Traders) Anniversary dinner, which was sponsored by SGX, and graced by the Former president of SGX, Mr. Ang Swee Tian, and the President of AFACT, Mr. Ng Tee Hao.

Mr. Ng shared 3 important lessons, which he called the 3S’s.

  1. Stay nimble
    Nowadays, things change faster, and strategies get outdated faster. In the past, the same strategy could be used for years, but now it will typically only last 3 months or less. Therefore, as traders, we need to keep changing and evolving to come up with new strategies.
  2. Stay humble
    No matter how good you are, do not be arrogant and stop learning. Read more books, and talk to more people, and treat learning as a lifelong process. Also, do not be arrogant in the market. Even if you have a lucky winning streak, always remember to have a good risk management system in place.
  3. Stay in touch
    Always keep in the loop with other traders to exchange ideas and share experiences. Talk to more people to get different views, and travel more to broaden your horizons.

If you find these tips useful, feel free to share them with your friends. I think there is much wisdom in his words.

It was a rare chance to see a gathering of all the Big Boys, and to catch up as well with my former colleagues and friends. I always enjoy chatting with other real professional traders, because through sharing, I get many new insights on trading and the markets.

A big thanks to SGX and AFACT, and I’m looking forward to the next big event! Cheers! 😀

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Yesterday, I attended the Shares Investment Conference, and here are some insights I got from the talks, as well as from chatting up the speakers during the private VVIP lunch session.

Insights from Jim Rogers

Jim Rogers is a very charismatic speaker, sharing not only market wisdom, but also wisdom on living life to the fullest. He had tons of interesting travel stories to share (especially since he travelled around the world).

He is bearish on the US and European markets, for obvious reasons, at least throughout 2013 and 2014. He also talked about a possible bond bubble in the forming, especially in the longer term.

For his portfolio, he is short on US stocks, and has large holdings in Singapore stocks. He is also buying up china stocks (during a crash), expecting a long-term bull for China, at the same time also accumulating the RMB. Other up-and-coming investments include Myanmar and N. Korea, which are starting to show some signs of opening up.

His most bullish sentiments lie in the commodities sector, especially in the area of agriculture. He spoke of cycles of supply and demand for these markets, such as natural resources, land, and commodities. Hence this new cycle is expected to usher in a new era of prosperity for farmers. If one is interested to invest in US real estate, he recommends areas like Iowa and Texas.

On a non market-related note, Jim says that the most important thing is to find your passion in life and do it, then you will never have to work a single day in your life. Trust your heart, and don’t let others discourage you. He ends off by suggesting that investors study philosophy and history, the former to teach us how to think, and the latter to help us draw from the past to cope in a world that is ever-changing.

Insights from Mike Bellafiore

Mike is a famous proprietary trader in New York, and the trading firm he started, SMB Capital, is now one of the top trading firms in New York. He was featured in the famous TV series, Wallstreet Warriors.

Mike started off the talk by stating upfront that there is no need to predict the market in order to make money. He said that many professional when asked will not be able to give a view on the market, simply because it is not necessary to have a view on the market to make money.

When training his new traders, he tells them not to dwell on a losing trade, and instead focus more on the winning trades. One should not celebrate a trade simply because one has made money on it. One should be asking “could I have made more on this trade? Did I manage the trade well such that I got the most out of it?”

When asked about his views on high-frequency trading (HFT), he said that it resulted in more whipsaws, and stops getting taken out more frequently, but the way to go around that was to be ready to re-enter a position upon getting stopped out, and using a time filter to aid in this decision-making.

Someone in the audience asked him what parameters he used for his indicators, to which he replied that he preferred not to use indicators at all. This got me sitting up in my seat, because I had been telling my students the same thing. He said that newbies tended to get bogged down by indicators, but professional prefer to use a blank chart to read the psychology of the market. In fact, the messier one’s chart is, the more likely he has no idea what he is doing.

Over lunch, he shared with me some useful tips on starting a trading firm, and I am very grateful that he is willing to share his experience so generously. Overall, I had a great time at this conference, and I would like to thank the speakers and organisers for the great insights and excellent lunch!