Media Feature & Interviews

We have been featured on more than 20 occasions in various media platforms, both locally and internationally. These include sharing of Spencer’s background/story, sharing of trading tips or market analysis, or commentary of various entrepreneurship or finance-related topics. If there is a relevant story or opportunity, we would be glad to participate and support.

Speaking Engagements & Events

Spencer has done hundreds of talks, events, workshops, and speaking engagements such as keynote speaker, guest speaker, or panelist. If you would like to engage him to speak at your event, please send us the event details and we will follow up with a price quotation within 24 hours. Depending on the scale and nature of the event (eg. non-profit), we might waive the usual fees involved.

Partnership Opportunities
(Updated 2024)

Our content is hyper-targeted at 20-45 year-old individuals interested in finance (trading and investing), curated over a period of more than 10 years with consistent high quality content to build trust and to ensure good engagement.

For interested parties, please contact us for price list & bundle options.

1. Brand Ambassador (Exclusivity)

  • Most premium and comprehensive of all partnership options, as it includes all the best elements of what we have to offer, including maximum exposure and sales conversions, and long-lasting brand-building.
  • We will be the brand ambassador for only one company at any single point of time, so we are looking for a partner who is a good fit.
  • During this time, we will not accept any other deals from companies in the same competing product categories.
  • Examples of product categories, eg.
    • brokerages for stocks, forex, CFDs, etc
    • brokerages or projects for crypto
    • financial institutions for loans, insurance, credits cards
    • lifestyle products/services like travel, health, F&B, hotels, etc
  • Combination of many long and short-form videos, blog posts, social media, live events, guest speaking, etc
  • Great for: long-term brand-building and partnership

2. Youtube Videos

3. Blog Posts

  • Posted on
  • Content has to be related to finance, trading, investing, or any relevant products or services
  • Promotional messages and outbound links allowed within.
  • We only accept a maximum of 2 sponsored posts a month, and we will vet the company and product to make sure it is a good fit.
  • Bonus: Blog post will also be shared on Synapse FB page (10k), Synapse FB group (12k), Twitter (5k), Telegram (20k)
  • Great for: traffic, conversions, promotion campaigns
  • Blog posts can be integrated with corresponding Youtube videos for SEO & maximum reach

4. Instagram & FB Posts

  • Shared on main IG profile (20k) static in-feed and on IG stories
  • Photos and images preferred instead of videos (no reels/videos)
  • Brand endorsement with me inside the photos (for events)
  • Content can be related to finance, trading, investing, or any relevant products or services
  • Content is also open to lifestyle, fitness, health, travel, food, etc
  • Bonus: All IG posts are also shared my personal FB profile (2k)
  • Great for: branding, endorsement, promotion campaigns

5. Live Private Events

  • This includes conducting my private events (for my students) in collaboration with your company.
  • These are more active traders, so they are good potential clients for trading products/services.
  • Bonus: Promotions will also be broadcasted to those students who did not attend the event.
  • Great for: sales conversions, direct marketing

6. Live Public Events (Guest Speaker)

  • We can represent your company as a guest speaker at major events or conferences.
  • It can also be a single or multi-speaker event open to the public for lead generation.
  • It can be physical or online event, with a speaking timeslot ranging from 30-90 mins.
  • Events must have a minimum of 100 attendees excluding my database.
  • Bonus: Events will also be broadcasted and promoted across my channels.
  • Bonus: If there are more than 4 events, we will try to accommodate as long as schedule permits.
  • Great for: lead generation, branding

7. Footer of Every Blog Post

  • This will place your company promotional ad banner at the footer of every blog post on our website.
  • We have close to 1000 blog posts, and we publish at least 3 new blog posts every week.
  • This gives you the maximum possible exposure from all our past and current content.
  • Great for: brand awareness, consistent repeated exposure
  • Here is a sample, scroll to the bottom:
    Blog Post Footer Sample

Samples of our partnerships:

Drop us an email and we will respond within 24 hours

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