As January comes to a close, the main stock indices plod on, Bitcoin starts to correct, and we start seeing extreme action on some lesser-known counters. We also conducted a market poll to see what our readers think. Market Poll on S&P 500 & Bitcoin Last week, we conducted a market poll on our Telegram […]

All of a sudden, I’m seeing the word Bitcoin everywhere I go. It is all over the news. Bloggers are talking about it. Everyone is calling a buy for it, even those who have no idea what cryptocurrency is. So the big question is, is Bitcoin still a good buy at its current price?   […]

I think enough has been said about how life-changing 2020 was, because of how it forced us to take a break from routine, and allowed us to step out of our comfort zones. Change is a good catalyst for growth, and gives us new perspectives on what is really important in life. Before diving into […]

Recently, after the long run up in tech stocks, there has been some correction, leading to counter-trend moves in various counters. We managed to spot and pre-empt many of these moves, using price action, patterns, and support/resistance levels. Join our FREE Telegram channel for daily trading tips: 👉🏻   Market Overview   Trading Opportunities Short […]

  Recently I read this book, “Die with Zero”, which put forth an interesting concept to plan your finances so that you die with zero, instead of the usual advice to hoard a large sum of money to live off the interest/dividends, and die with the capital.   How Much Time Should You Exchange for […]

As various countries open their economies, notably China and the US, will it lead to a surge in new cases, and will it lead to further shutdowns? And will the stock market be able to break new highs, or has it hit a major roadblock? Join our FREE Telegram channel for daily trading tips: 👉🏻 […]

By this time, most people are also starting to believe in the V-shape recovery, and the Nasdaq has already fully recovered from the crisis, surpassing its highs before the Covid crash. Will the tech stocks be able to lift the rest of the market to new highs, or will the general market drag down the […]