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Weekly Market Analysis – Can the Economy Get Back on Track?

As various countries open their economies, notably China and the US, will it lead to a surge in new cases, and will it lead to further shutdowns? And will the stock market be able to break new highs, or has it hit a major roadblock? Join our FREE Telegram channel for daily trading tips: 👉🏻 https://t.me/synapsetrading […]

Weekly Market Analysis – Is the V Shape Recovery for Real?

By this time, most people are also starting to believe in the V-shape recovery, and the Nasdaq has already fully recovered from the crisis, surpassing its highs before the Covid crash. Will the tech stocks be able to lift the rest of the market to new highs, or will the general market drag down the […]

Weekly Market Analysis – Virus, Riots & Trade Wars

Some people have been thinking that nothing can bring the stock market down, because it has been steadily chugging up despite all the negative news of virus, lockdowns, unemployment, trade wars, and now riots. So can the market continue to climb up forever? What will it take to actually bring the market down? Join our […]

Weekly Market Analysis – S&P 500 at the 200-Day Moving Average

Now that the S&P 500 is at the crucial 200-day moving average level, will it be able to break though and make new highs? What are some of the bullish and bearish catalysts for the stock market going forward? Also, check out our Telegram poll (800+ votes) to see which direction people expect the market […]

Weekly Market Analysis – Which Tech Stocks to Buy? (Shopping List)

As tech stocks continue to surge, while the S&P 500 and the general economy lags behind, it is important to select the right sectors and stocks to invest in. Also, as the US gradually opens its economy and talks of a new potential vaccine surfaces, will these be able to boost the V-shaped recovery of […]