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Chart Analysis of Tesla Stock – Where is it Headed Next?

With a confluence of good news, Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) has been one of my best stock investments to date. The shares hit a record high after beating estimates for vehicle deliveries in the 4th quarter, and Tesla’s Chinese Gigafactory has started delivering its first cars.   Looking at this weekly chart, we can see that […]

The 2 Best Trading Opportunities Amidst the US-Iran Conflict

In the wake of US air strikes which killed a top Iranian General, tensions between the two countries are expected to flare up, leading to more instability and potential conflict.   Amidst the chaos, there are 2 major trading opportunities:   Crude Oil A real-time entry signal was triggered on our “Daily Trading Signals” Telegram […]

Habits vs Goals – Which is More Effective in Getting Results?

After reading countless self-help books and websites, the idea of goal-setting seems to be staple advice for anyone looking to get their life in shape. Hence, every year, either at the end of the calendar year, (or at any significant point in the year such as one’s birthday), it became standard practice to set goals, […]

Did You Manage to Catch the Rare “Ring of Fire” Solar Eclipse?

On 26th December, there was a rare “Ring of Fire” annular solar eclipse, which occurs when the Moon covers the centre of the Sun, giving the appearance of a fiery ring around it. Here in Singapore, this sight was visible for the first time in two decades, and will next appear in 2063. As a […]

Singapore Skillsfuture Course – Learn How to Start Trading & Investing!

Last weekend, we conducted another successful run of our monthly Skillsfuture workshop, and it was an intense full-day of learning and activities, and not just the theoretical aspects, but the hands-on practice as well! 😀     I strongly believe that it is important for every individual to master the basics of personal finances, trading […]