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My Trading Journey – From Broke to Financially Free in 7 Years!

Many people have been asking me about my trading journey, of how I basically started from almost nothing, and steadily built my way to financial freedom. It has taken me quite a while to document my whole journey, but I know it’s worth the effort if it can inspire others to do the same. Well, […]

Turning 35: Thank You For All the Birthday Wishes!

As I slowly edge towards my mid-life crisis (just joking!), I want to thank all my friends and family who have always been there for me as my pillar of support. With no opportunities to travel this year, i have had more time to reflect on life, and here are some of my musings: Finding […]

Using Your SkillsFuture Credits to Learn Trading & Investing Skills

Last weekend, we conducted another online workshop on the basics of trading and investing, and since it is a SkillsFuture SG-Approved course, participants could use their SkillsFuture credits to pay for the course instead of cash. Thanks for the support! 🙏 During the 9 hours of training, participants learnt portfolio strategies to build and protect […]

What is a SPAC (Special Purpose Acquisition Company) and is it a Good Investment?

SPACs, or special purpose acquisition companies, have been championed as a way to “democratize access to high-growth companies” while “dismantling the traditional capital market.” In other words, they allow companies to raise money more easily, while at the same time giving investors a way to invest in these companies. However, it also comes with higher […]

First Batch of Students from Our Beginner’s Course on Tech Stocks & Crypto!

Last weekend, we conducted our first online workshop (SkillsFuture credit-claimable) on the basics of tech stocks and crypto, and it was a very fruitful session. Thanks for the support! 🙏 During the session, we learn how to combine technicals and fundamentals to find undervalued tech stocks. These are exclusive methods used by investment banks, hedge […]