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Rectangle Pattern Trading Strategy Guide (Updated 2021)

The rectangle pattern represents a consolidation of prices, where buyers and sellers are equally matched, so there is movement both up and down, but confined within a range. This makes the rectangle pattern a very versatile price pattern for trading breakouts. There are 2 main varieties of rectangles – namely the wide range and narrow […]

Crypto Updates: 102% Profit on Bitcoin, Ethereum & Dogecoin!

In the most recent FOMC meeting, the Fed held rates unchanged, which was no surprise, and it meant that this liquidity-driven long-term bull market in stocks and crypto will continue running. Stocks and crypto are actually pretty correlated, and the biggest danger to the uptrend is if yields start rising. In this post, I’m going […]

Overconfidence Bias in Trading – How Can I Ever Be Wrong?

Consider this: “Despite the fact that more than 90% of car accidents involve human error, three-quarters (73 percent) of drivers consider themselves better-than-average drivers.” This might sound delusional, but we also see this phenomenon in trading. Most people think they can beat the markets. But is this true?   In this post, I’m going to […]

Stock Market Surges As Predicted – What to Buy Now?

  As countries around the world roll out their vaccine plans, we can see different industries and different countries recovering at different rates. However, only a small percentage (about 5%) of the global population is vaccinated, so it might take a while before we start to see the results of the vaccines kick in to […]

What are NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) and Why are They Worth Millions?

Would you pay millions of dollars for digital artwork? Welcome to the world of NFTs, or non-fungible tokens. Just this year so far, about $1.3 billion of NFTs have traded through Ethereum network, dwarfing the activity last year. The biggest transaction was an NFT purchased for $69.3m dollars. Sounds unbelievable? Let’s find out more about […]