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Top 3 Reasons Why Price Action is Chosen by Professional Traders

This article is going to be a little longer than usual, as I endeavor to make a balanced view about exactly why price action is preferred in the marketplace. If you’re keen to expand your mind, deepen your knowledge, or simply learn something new about the financial markets, then please read on. Throughout the centuries, traders […]

Bitcoin – Breakdown from Triangle Pattern!

After months of consolidation, Bitcoin has broken down from its triangle consolidation price pattern. The interesting thing is that if you look carefully you will see both a symmetrical triangle (neutral) and a descending triangle (bearish), so overall the odds of it breaking down was higher than the odds of it breaking up. The next […]

Oil Prices Spike After Attack on Saudi Arabia Facilities

Yesterday, oil prices spiked after crude oil facilities located in Saudi Arabia was attacked by terrorists, shutting down up to 5% of global crude oil output. This was a large 10-20% move in prices, and was an easy trade to ride on the trend and momentum.   There were 3 entry opportunities, 2 of which […]

SkillsFuture Singapore Approved Course on Trading & Investing

For all those living in Singapore, I have been invited to conduct a 🏆 SkillsFuture Singapore Approved 🏆 course which you can attend for free by using your $500 government subsidy. This full-day course will be targeted for a Singapore audience, focusing on trading part-time to provide an additional source of income, and investing to […]

Reflections on my 33rd Birthday – What Lies Ahead?

  Nowadays, birthdays are one of the best opportunities to catch up with your friends and loved ones, since most people have to work. Grateful for all the meetups and birthday treats in the last week, and the insightful life conversations with people that I have known for more than 10, and even 25 years. […]