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If you are totally new to trading, or are not keen to trade your own accounts, you can consider the option of social trading (also known as copy trading), where you allow your trading account to automatically copy trades from professional traders.

Whatever returns they make in their account, the same trades and returns will be reflected in your account as well.

And the best part is that once you set it up (takes 15 mins at most), it is 100% passive, and does not require any time or effort on your side.

Keen to find out more? Here are the details:


What is MerlionGlobal?

MerlionGlobal (XAU Merlion, MerlionFX) is the brokerage company which provides the infrastructure and social trading platform to execute the trades.

They work with DymonFX, to provide trading services for their clients, by allowing their clients to copy trades from DymonFX.

Click here to check out their website.
Click here to open an account.

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What is DymonFX?

DymonFX is a proprietary trading company, which provides trading services for clients.

They are the ones who execute the trades, which automatically get copied into your trading account.

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Click here to download full slides (pdf) about DymonFX 

Trading Methodology

DymonFX leverages on methodologies and technologies to collect, organize and process a variant of large, diverse (structured and unstructured) complex sets of data, while predictive analytics are done on these data sets to find patterns and create profitable executions.

The strategy focuses on scalping Forex pairs on trading hours of the day. It takes advantage of the daily price action movement.

The objective is not to make an enormous profit with each individual trade, but rather to make a small profit over multiple trades.

It makes the trading style more manageable and helps to avoid the pitfall of not timing the peak properly and being overexposed and failing to take any profits.

Trades are executed (ENTRY) via AI and positions are managed (EXIT) by traders.

Trades can happen in a day when opportunities arise, however trades might not happen in the day if there’s no high win rate for any forex pairs.

Trading Results

Here are their verified results from myfxbook:

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Follow Live Account

live account updates

If you want to see the daily trading in action, including live trades and account balance, you can log into one of their staff’s account to do so.

This is an actual live account which started with $50,000, and you can monitor its progress over time.

Server: Xaumerlion-Live1
ID: 2145715961
Password: CtVbGrjPmA3dyjF

To log in, you will need to use either the MT4 desktop or mobile app.

How to Get Started?

  1. Open a trading account using this link
  2. Join this Telegram chatgroup where their support staff can answer any of your questions
  3. Fund the account using either USD, SGD, USDT
    • Instructions for funding and withdrawals can be found in the same Telegram chatgroup
    • There are various options, including PayNow, GrabPay, credit card, etc
  4. Once your account is funded, simply head down to their website, click on “Social Trading”, and select “DymonFX” to follow.
  5. Start making monthly passive income!
  6. Bonus: You can refer other people to earn additional passive income!

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How Much Can You Earn from Referrals?

Besides earning from copytrading, you also get paid for referring other people, so it’s like another source of passive income.

I noticed there is actually a big leap in payouts from their first tier (introducing broker) to the second tier (senior introducing broker), so if you are looking for the maximum rewards for the least effort, you might want to put in some effort to get to that tier, then you can just lie back and reap the recurring rewards afterwards.

Here is the table of rewards:

merlion loyalty program

To reach the Senior Introducing Broker (SIB) tier, all you need to do is:

  • Deposit $3,000 of your own funds for copytrading
  • Refer 3 people to join
  • Bring in $25,000 of deposits from your direct referrals, eg.
    • 5 people each putting $5,000 each, or
    • 2 people putting $10,000 plus 1 person putting in $5,000, or
    • any other combination adding up to $25,000

Once you reach the SIB tier, it is estimated that you will get about $500 USD of additional monthly passive income. (This is on top of your own copytrading profits, and you get a higher profit-sharing ratio as you climb the tiers as well.)

The best part is that this is recurring and requires no additional work on your part, so it is like you only need to do the work once, and continue to get the passive income.

In addition, if the people you refer continue to top up their AUM, or they in turn refer other people, your passive income will continue to grow.

For example, if the deposits grow from the initial $25,000 to $50,000, then your passive income will grow from $500 a month to $1000 a month.

Lastly, if you continue to actively refer people and reach even higher tiers, the payouts get even better, so you can really accelerate your passive income.

merlion rebates

Telegram Support Group

If you have any questions or need instant help troubleshooting, you can join this Telegram chatgroup where their support staff can answer any of your questions.

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Concluding Thoughts

The minimum to test it out is $1000, so the risk is not very high.

I have personally put in $20,000 to test it out, and the results have been consistent for the past few months.

But as with all investments, there is always a risk, so only put in what you can afford to lose, and remember to diversify your portfolio.

If you are keen to generate an additional source of passive income via this opportunity, you can check them out using this link:

Updates: My Own Live Account!

my own live account

To see how well it works, I tested it with my own account of US$20,000.

After 6 weeks, I am up US$1,747.50 so far, which gives an average of US$1,163 per month of passive income!

Not bad for not having to spend any time at all!

I will continue to post weekly updates in my free Telegram channel.


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For many people looking to start investing in the Singapore stock market, one of the challenges faced is expensive brokerage fees from the incumbent local-based brokerages.

For decades, this problem went unresolved, until in recent years when Singapore started opening up to allow foreign-based brokerages to offer stocks on SGX.

This means potentially lower fees for new traders and investors, especially those with small accounts, since the local-based brokerages usually charge a minimum fee per transaction, which is disadvantageous for small accounts.


moomoo promotion


Latest Promotion: Free Apple Shares!

One of these new brokerages coming into Singapore is FUTU Singapore Pte. Ltd. (FUTU SG) and its parent company FUTU Holdings Limited, a NASDAQ-listed company and backed by Tencent. In Singapore, FUTU SG’s trading app Moomoo is currently running an attractive limited-period promotion.

From now to 02 October 2021, 1959hr, they are offering the following benefits:

  • 1 Free Apple (AAPL) share worth around SGD 200*
    • For the first deposit of ≥ SGD 2,700 , USD 2,000 or HKD 16,000 before the promotion ends.
    • Make 5 trades on any markey and any product (excluding futures)
    • Limited number of 15,000 AAPL shares available for redemption.
  • 180 days unlimited commission-free trading for the US, HK & SG stock market
  • Free access to market data:
    • Lvl 2 Market Data for the US stock market
    • Lvl 1 Market Data for the SG stock market
    • Lvl 1 Market Data for China A Shares market data

As an ongoing incentive, you can also redeem merchandise (figurines, neck pillows and cushions) using points earned from trading!

Click here to open a FUTU SG securities account! (use this link for extra perks!)

If you are looking to take your first step into stock trading, but have not opened a trading account, this would be a good time to do so.

And even if you are not ready to trade, there is no harm getting the free Apple shares!


moomoo app 2

What Makes them Different?

Here are their 3 main areas of customer-focus:

  • Free real-time quotes and competitive commissions
  • Centralised information & global community
  • 24 hours customer service

By offering some of the lowest fees and trading minimums in Singapore for investing in Hong Kong and U.S. securities, futures and options, this makes it easier and more affordable for new traders and investors get started.

With lower commissions, it also comparatively increases your profit on each trade, and improves your overal returns. With many trades, a small difference can ad up over time to a significant difference.


moomoo app 3

24 hours Customer Support

One of the major concerns as a trader is the customer support, because when something happens, such as a technical glitch, you need to be able to resolve the issue immediately.

To give customers a peace of mind, Moomoo (powered by FUTU) provides 24 hours customer service on trading days.

Within their Moomoo app, customers can use the in-app live chat function via “customer service”, where a human customer service representative will attend to your questions.

Additional customer service support is also available via the in-app “Help Center”, hotline, email and social media platforms:

  • “Help Center” via in-app
  • Email: clientservice@futusg.com 
  • Hotline: +65 6439 1100 (Weekdays: 9am – 6pm)
  • Social media: @moomoosingapore

Background of Moomoo

In Singapore, capital markets products and services on moomoo are offered by FUTU Singapore Pte. Ltd., which is licensed and regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) (Licence No. CM101000).

FUTU and its subsidiaries have 43 licenses globally in major financial markets such as United States, Hong Kong, Singapore and others. 

FUTU SG’s comparative advantage to its peers is known for being reliable, secure and stable, low commissions and seamless investing experience whilst both licensed and regulated (by the MAS). 

Moomoo’s trading capabilities are also backed by its self-developed, proprietary trading system, and world-class strategic investors including venture capital affiliates of Tencent, Sequoia Capital and Matrix Partners.

After almost 9 years of development, FUTU’s trading platforms has garnered over 15 million users from more than 200 regions and regions around the world, with more than one million average daily active users.

With their Moomoo app, FUTU has one of the fastest growing investor communities in the region, and its share price has more than quadrupled since its opening in 2020. 

Click here to open a FUTU SG securities account! (use this link for extra perks!)


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After trading cryptocurrencies for almost half a year and coaching many others to do the same, I had realised that many new traders seem to face the same gripes about the limited trading platforms. This issue is extremely prominent if traders are used to other platforms such as forex or stock brokerages.

Here are some of the biggest complications about the existing platforms:

  1. Long waiting period for account opening, verification, or funding
  2. Misleading and unfriendly user-interface
  3. Expensive trading fees and wide spreads
  4. High charges by banks for fund transfers

When cryptocurrency was first introduced in 2010, only a handful of specialised exchanges offered trading services. Throughout the years, cryptocurrency trading grew larger in number and size. Comparing the existing functions and complexities of Forex to any other cryptocurrencies brokerages, there is still a huge room for improvement for cryptocurrencies. As of today, many emerging companies are out in the market, competing to resolve the problems consumers are facing.

Crypto Trading Platforms

While browsing the net, I came across many new promising brokerages, and I had a chat with some of them to find out more about where the industry is headed.

One of them is Cryptaw, a new brokerage that aims to provide simplicity and reliability for Bitcoin trading. When I spoke with the management, they told me that  “Singaporeans should not pay a premium for cryptocurrency.”

On Cryptaw’s website, which they have just launched this month, they have made some really bold promises which could potentially disrupt cryptocurrency brokerage industry:
– Direct SGD Deposit
– Low trading fee of 0.6%*
– Simple user interface
– Fast account verification within 3 working days

If Cryptaw is able to address the 4 big issues, it will make it a lot easier not only for new traders (of which many are still waiting weeks/months for their accounts to get verified), but also for existing traders who can benefit from a simpler execution platform.

*Original trading fee of 1.2%. User will be able to enjoy discounted trading fee with promo codes and referral codes. Users will be able to enjoy 50% off trading fee until 3 Aug 2018


Note: This post is sponsored by Cryptaw.

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