How I Started off as a Broke College Student… And Ended up with a Multi-Million Dollar Portfolio in Just 7 Years…

Hi, Spencer here, founder of Synapse Trading, and thanks for dropping by!

I currently live on the sunny island of Singapore, but half the time I’m travelling around the world, while trading for a living and compounding my passive income.

Yes, this sounds like a really awesome lifestyle. Yes, it is 😀
But things were not always so rosy for me.

When I first started my trading journey, I did not come from a well-to-do family, and I had to work several part-time jobs to pay my way through college.

I knew that if i wanted to succeed, I had to work hard, study hard, and learn the correct financial skills which would help me transform my life.

Here is the full story of my trading journey, of how I created my trading system that enabled me to go from a broke college student to achieving financial freedom within 7 years.

Or you can keep scrolling to find out how you can learn this exact same trading system and use it to fast-track your own financial freedom journey.