Weekly Market Wrap: Profits from Shorting Stocks & Crypto!

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With markets in turmoil, I am currently short on stocks, crypto, commodities (not shown yet, but in the latest updates), which means I effectively have a leveraged cash position.

In addition, all my cash is held in USD, which has gone up about 4% this year, possibly making it one of the best asset class this year. ?

My current strategy is to continue shorting the market to the bottom, then start accumulating (and eventually going all-in) stocks and crypto to ride the next bull market.

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For our weekly market wrap, we go through some of the trade calls and analysis from last week, which gives us valuable insights for the week ahead.

We cover 3 main markets with a total of 200+ counters, so we will never run out of trading opportunities:

By covering a broad range of markets, we can focus our attention (and capital) on whichever market currently gives the best returns.

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Portfolio Highlights

Trading Signals Portfolio 290622

Portfolio updates: Mainly just short on stocks, crypto and real estate for now.


Trading Signals USD Portfolio 010722

This is why the USD is my largest portfolio position. ?



Forex & Commodities Market Highlights

Trading Signals Strength 290622

Oil is up again, pushing up the 2 oil-linked currencies.


Trading Signals NZDCHF 280622

Daily Chart of NZDCHF

Nearing support, good place to take profits! ????


Trading Signals USDSGD 020722

USDSGD Crossing 1.39710
US Dollar vs. Singapore Dollar
TP1 for long positions


Trading Signals GCC ETF 010722

Update on Commodity ETF (GCC)

As predicted in my last analysis, it might have hit the top of the long-term cycle, and has started to come down.

On the daily chart, it has broken down from a consolidation pattern.

This is in line with the bonds > stocks > commodities cycle, and we have already seen bonds and stocks decline.

With the Fed aggressively raising interest rates to fight inflation, this should be bearish for commodities.


Stock & Bond Market Highlights

Trading Signals China Stocks ETF 280622

2801 Crossing 24.06
China Stocks ETF
Breaking out of ascending triangle!

SL: 21.80
TP: 27.52


Trading Signals Hang Sheng Tech ETF 280622

3067 Crossing 10.320
Hang Seng Tech ETF
Breaking out of ascending triangle!

SL: 9.165
TP: 12.065


Trading Signals SP5000 300622

Markets Head Toward Worst First Half of a Year in Decades

Investors gird for more volatility; almost everything—from stocks to bonds and crypto—falls to start 2022




Trading Signals US100 280622

Daily Chart of NASDAQ (US100)

Looks like the stock market is ready for the next leg down.


Trading Signals US100 010722

Update on NASDAQ (US100)

Since we shorted near the top as well, there also isn’t much for us to do except wait patiently for the profits to grow. ????


Crypto Market Highlights

Trading Signals Crypto Insolvent 290622

“There are companies that are basically too far gone and it’s not practical to backstop them.”



Trading Signals Crypto Melts 280622

More hedge funds are betting against tether as crypto melts down



Trading Signals ETHUSD 270622

Looking at the recent price action in Bitcoin (BTCUSD) and Ethereum (ETHUSD), I have decided to take profits on my short-term trading long positions, since it has gone up 20-40% from the lows.

I have taken a small short position instead.


Trading Signals ETHUSD 280622

Daily Chart of Ethereum (ETHUSD)

Note how low the volume is during this bullish rebound, and the new high volume coming in at the end.


Trading Signals ETHUSD 010722

Update on Ethereum (ETHUSD)

Since we shorted near the top, and it has moved about 15% in our favour, there isn’t much for us to do except wait patiently for the profits to grow. ????



Click here to receive all these signals in real-time for only $67 a month! You will get several signals a day, and even taking just 1 trade the whole month can easily cover the fee, so what are you waiting for? 1f525

Good luck, and may next week bring more excellent profits!

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