Training Resources – Trading Plan, Checklist, Case Studies

Trading Case Studies

This section encompasses all the best stuff I have curated and created from all my various experiences, to give you the absolute best edge in your trading.

These include Q$A compilations from all my past live trainings, case studies, additional readings, the best trading tools (brokers, software, execution tools, etc), customised trading plan, roadmap, checklists, etc.

Discussion Questions & Answers

  • Compilation of 20+ Discussion Q&As (with detailed video explanations) from all past live trainings to further help in applying the strategies and practical trading.
  • Test your understanding by drilling down to the core of the concepts and take your learning to a new level. 
  • Gain from the shared wisdom of all past students and intakes by “joining in” their thought process.

Case studies & Examples Database

  • Over 200+ case studies & annotated chart analysis of setup examples.
  • Familiarize yourself with the 4 setups by studying how they work consistently across different markets and different timeframes.

Top 15 recommended books

  • Top 15 recommended books for further study, curated personally by me after reading hundreds of trading books.
  • Save years of your time by avoiding 90% of trading books which are a waste of time. 

Trading Toolbox

  • Receive all the best specialised tools to calculate your trade size, position-sizing, etc, and remove all the guesswork.
  • I will share with you what I personally use – trading software, execution tools, brokers, etc, so you can save hours of research time trying to find your answers online.

Customised Trading Plan

  • I will walk you through in creating your personally customised “Trading Plan”, so that you will know exactly how to place your first trade.
  • Find out about yourself – which are the best products to trade? How much to trade? How often to trade? What style to trade?

Personal 8-Week Roadmap

  • Follow this “8-Week Roadmap” for you to take action: Small steps add up to big results!
  • Progress at your own pace, and prepare to surprise yourself at the transformation at the end of 8 weeks!

The 7-Step Checklist

  • The “7-Step Checklist” which is a 1-page detailed “cheatsheet” summary of everything you need to do when taking a trade from start to finish, for easy reference.
  • Keep this by your side so that you will be able to execute your trade in seconds without missing a single step!

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