Last Monday, I was invited as an SGX trainer to speak at “Live Trading Mondays”, to share my views on the general market outlook, and more specifically on O&M (offshore and marine) counters.

I also took the chance to do a full analysis of various major market themes, as well as my predictions for major markets like stock indices, Gold, Oil, etc.

It was a great sharing session, and we managed to identify several good trading opportunities.

Although the focus was on O&M stocks, there were a lot of bullish property counters which were flagged out by our “Synapse Stock Screener”, which we use to flag out the best stock trading opportunities daily.

For those who are keen to start trading in stocks (or any other markets), or would like to know which are the best “hot” counters to be looking at now, do join us for our “Trading Foundation Workshop” this coming Wednesday on 15 February. See you there! 😀

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Last week, during the monthly LIVE! market workshop for Synapse Program graduates, this was one of the counters discussed.

Super Group looked poised to break out from a bull flag, after some strong prior accumulation shown on the Synapse Stock Screener software, indicated by the green volume bars.

The standard flag projection is to measure the flagpole and project it upwards for more happy profit-taking.

Good luck! 😀

s10 130315 super group synapse network

s10 130315 super group