How to Start Trading for Beginners

How to Start Trading for Beginners 1
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On a day to day basis, the price of every financial product moves up and down, for example you hear about stock prices moving up, or oil prices crashing, for different currencies appreciating or deprecating against one another.

At its core, learning how to trade is simply being able to make a profit from capturing these price moves.

If you buy a stock and it moves up, and you sell it at a higher price, you would have captured that price move and made a profit.

Do this multiple times successfully, and you would be able to make a full-time living off it.

Of course, not every trade is going to be profitable, because sometimes you might get it wrong.

But after making say 50-100 trades, if you are able to consistently make money, then it means you might have a winning trading system for how to trade in the markets.

If you have ever been to a casino, you will know that over the long run you will lose money because the odds are against you.

Although the casino’s edge is very small, over the long run and over a large number of transactions, it adds up to huge profits.

Knowing how to trade is somewhat similar.

If you can find an edge (through your analysis), exploit it over a large number of trades (money management), and can do it consistently without letting your emotions get in the way (mindset), then you will have a chance to become very successful in trading.


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