Weekly Market Wrap: Picking the Crypto Bottom!

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For our weekly market wrap, we go through some of the trade calls and analysis from last week, which gives us valuable insights for the week ahead.

We cover 3 main markets with a total of 200+ counters, so we will never run out of trading opportunities:

By covering a broad range of markets, we can focus our attention (and capital) on whichever market currently gives the best returns.

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Forex Market Highlights

Trading Signals Currency Pair 020222

Trading Signals AUDCAD 020222

Product: Forex
Name: Aussie Dollar / Canadian Dollar
Ticker: AUDCAD
Exchange: N/A

Analysis: Not the best of trades, because the long-term trend is bearish, but the failed downside breakout might give a strong short-term counter-trend move.

EP: 0.8989 to 0.9000
SL: 0.8935
TP: 0.9200


Trading Signals CHFJPY 040222

Product: Forex
Name: Swiss Franc / Japanese Yen
Ticker: CHFJPY
Exchange: N/A

Analysis: Low-risk trend channel trade with price pulling back to the bottom of the channel.

EP: 124 to 125
SL: 123.50
TP: 127 to 128


Trading Signals GBPAUD 020222

Product: Forex
Name: British Pound / Aussie Dollar
Ticker: GBPAUD
Exchange: N/A

Analysis: Failed to cross resistance at top of the range, may test the bottom of the range again.

EP: 1.92 to 1.895, or any pullbacks
SL: 1.9233
TP: 1.8577 to 1.82


Trading Signals USDCHF 010222

Product: Forex
Name: US Dollar / Swiss Franc
Ticker: USDCHF
Exchange: N/A

Analysis: Buying low and selling high within a trading range.

EP: 0.930 to 0.935, or any pullbacks
SL: 0.938
TP: 0.910 to 0.902


Stock Market Highlights

Daily Trading Signals Nasdaq 100 070222

Following up on the NASDAQ 100 (US 100), it is nearing a crucial point in the market.

While i have closed all my shorts for this (and made a decent amount) and even bought more tech stocks this week, I do think that the market is still bearish long-term.

Hence I am looking at potential areas to short again, either within the yellow zone, or near the previous highs.

Will post again when price reaches the yellow zone.

Trading Signals NASDAQ 040222 1

Speculation on the NASDAQ 100 (US 1000) possible paths. I currently do not have any positions in this.


Trading Signals ARKK 010222

Product: US Stock ETF
Name: ARK Innovation ETF
Ticker: ARKK
Exchange: NYSE

Analysis: If you look at the red arrows, the move down both times are exactly the same. After falling about 60% from ATHs, it might be time for a bounce. Can also buy for long-term investment.

EP: $60 to $70, or on pullbacks
SL: $57 for trading, N/A for investment
TP: $90 to $100+++


Trading Signals Coca Cola KO 010222

Product: US Stocks
Name: Coca-Cola
Ticker: KO
Exchange: NYSE

Analysis: Surprisingly this counter has barely any correction during the recent market correction. If it breaks a new high, it could continue its uptrend.

EP: $60 to $61.50
SL: $59.50
TP: $64++


Trading Signals Meta FB 040222

Meta Platforms (FB) gapping down 26% after poor earnings, and breaking previous swing lows.


Crypto Market Highlights

Daily Trading Signals Ethusd 070222

Product: Cryptocurrency
Name: Ethereum
Ticker: ETHUSD
Exchange: N/A

Analysis: After correcting more than 50% from its ATHs, we can try to do a bit of bottom-picking. This is somewhat of a higher risk trade, so take a smaller position size. Also suitable for people looking to accumulate some for long-term investment.

EP: 2000 to 2300
SL: 1900
TP: 4000+


Trading Signals ETHUSD 050222

Following up on Ethereum (ETHUSD), it is up more than 20% since we picked almost the exact bottom! ????

Overall, we were wrong on our Bitcoin analysis, but correct on Ethereum and Luna.


Trading Signals Terra Luna LUNA 010222

Product: Cryptocurrency
Name: Terra Luna
Ticker: LUNA
Exchange: N/A

Analysis: After dropping almost 60%, it might be possible for a rebound or resumption of trend.

EP: $44 to $55
SL: $42.5
TP: $66+++


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Good luck, and may next week bring more excellent profits!

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