International Premier Tennis League (IPTL)

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This morning, after glancing at the charts to check on my USD/JPY long positions and to take a new AUD/CAD short position, I had to rush off to make it in time for my weekly massage session.

After that, it was a sumptuous lunch treat by my broker (thanks!), and some exciting new trade ideas (which I will share in my next weekly updates), and finally it was off to see the IPTL!

From 4.00pm all the way to 10.30pm, it was an amazing display of skill and exciting plays by the best players and legends, including the likes of Ana Ivanovic, Fabrice Santoro, Daniel Nestor, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, Serena Williams, Andre Agassi, Lleyton Hewitt, and Nick Kyrgios!

When I got back, I found that my USD/JPY position has gone up another 100+ pips (ka-ching!) and my AUD/CAD was slightly in the money by 20+ pips. What an eventful day! 😀

2014 12 02 16.00.27 1030x1030

DBS Mascots – Guess who the main sponsor is?

2014 12 02 16.32.57 1030x772

Ana Ivanovic – Hot Serve 😀

2014 12 02 17.17.17 1030x772

Half-time models shaking it to the beats

2014 12 02 18.28.37 1030x772


2014 12 02 19.32.54 1030x772

Top view of the tennis court

2014 12 02 20.04.15 1030x772

Andre Agassi – The Return Specialist!

2014 12 02 20.46.48 1030x772

Tsonga receiving serve

2014 12 02 21.12.21 1030x448

Panoramic views

2014 12 02 21.21.00 1030x772

Tsonga victorious!

2014 12 02 22.04.18 1030x772

Serena Willaims serving

2014 12 02 22.09.49 1030x772

Looks like a trashing 🙁

2014 12 02 22.28.49 1030x772

Andre Agassi autographing the giant tennis balls


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