Golf & Trading – The Mental Game

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Recently, now that I am moving on into semi-retirement, I started learning golf as a new hobby, as this was a new skill I had always wanted to learn. Although I only had a few lessons so far, I was amazed at how similar the mental game and psychology aspect is to trading.

Firstly, besides the skills and technique, both require a calm and focused state of mind to make decisions and perfect the execution. Next, with more practice, you have to “forget” what you have learnt, and trust your instincts to execute a perfect shot, once you have a vision of it in your mind’s eye.

Just like trading, it will take effort and discipline, but the rewards are definitely worth it because I would have learnt a new lifelong skill. This is the same reason why many people have chosen to learn the real skills of trading, and turn away from gambling/punting penny stocks, because they have been burnt before, and now want to learn trading the right way, to make consistent daily profits in forex or invest in stocks.

Although it will be harder for them to unlearn the bad habits, it is better late then never, because even if you keep doing something wrong for many years, it is not experience, it is just foolishness, because you would have wasted your time. That is why when I decided to learn golf, I decided to engage a professional coach, instead of trying to pick it up from books or trying to figure out the game on my own.


2013 08 16 16.41.32 HDR

2013 08 16 15.15.55Justin Han (Professional Golfer)

2013 08 14 15.27.13

2013 08 14 18.23.11Computerised Swing Analysis

2013 08 14 15.27.21

2013 08 15 16.11.13

2013 08 14 21.51.18Made some trades while resting and sent out alerts

2013 08 15 22.38.48

2013 08 14 23.09.501
2013 08 16 16.42.09Doing some intraday forex trades to make my 35 daily pips

2013 08 16 17.30.29

2013 08 16 16.43.03

Overall, this was a great experience, and I am excited to embark on this journey to learn a new skill, while continuing to hone my trading skills and coach others who wish to trade the same way I do, imparting real trading skills and strategies for them to trade forex and invest in stocks. All the best, and have a great weekend!

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