August Man 7th Anniversary Party

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What an exciting Friday night this was! (I’m not refering to the NFP in case you’re wondering; I took most profits and trailed my stops as per normal before any major news.) After a sumptuous pre-party dinner to celebrate a friend’s birthday, we headed down to Zouk for the August Man 7th Anniversary closed-door party. It was buzzing with excitement, and all the big names were there.

After saying our goodbyes and tipping the valet drivers, we headed off to leVel 33 craft brewery to chill and chat away the rest of the night. This night was certainly an interesting vortex of breath-taking and nostalgic memories, and I am glad I could spend more time with my good friends, since these fond memories are priceless.

2013 09 06 21.38.18Pre-party Dinner at the Glass House at Hotel Fort Canning

2013 09 06 22.01.54Invitation Tickets!

2013 09 06 22.03.01

2013 09 08 05.28.28Goodie bag! #bundle of joy

2013 09 06 23.31.15

2013 09 06 23.37.20Ended the night with more drinks at LeVel 33 Craft Brewery. An interesting mix of beer and mojito.

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