A few weeks, ago, I was invited ask a panelist for the SMU Business Forum, alongside many other established industry experts. It was a great opportunity to give back to my Alma mater, by sharing my business insights with the current students. In addition, I also learnt a lot from the other panelists.

Discussion Questions:

1) With the increasing focus to capitalize on high growth potential economies, how do industry leaders identify and move into emerging markets relevant to their business?
2) How can undergraduates prepare themselves to be “regionally” ready?

From left to right: Spencer Li, Diona Costache (Regional Manager GCAS APAC of Google), Izlyn Chan (CEO of BHG Retail REIT), Lex Lee (Director of Risk Consulting SEA from Deloitte), Anthony Pagano (CEO of Burger King APAC Region)

Once again, a big thanks to BONDUE | SMU Business Society for organising!

Yesterday, I was invited to speak at the SMU Open House, as an Alumni of the School of Accountancy and School of Business. It was a great honour to contribute back to my Alma Mater, and inspire the next generation of students to greater heights.

Full photo album for the event:

Once again, a big thanks to SMU for inviting me back, and also to the professors who have supported me along the way, and everyone else who turned up to support me yesterday! Cheers! 😀

How time flies!  In the blink of an eye, it has already been 5 years since I graduated from SMU with double degrees from the School of Accountancy (SOA) and the School of Business (SOB)!

Now, having forged an interesting career for myself, I am proud to be the youngest Alumni here to represent my Alma mater, and I hope all those who just got their “A”-level results will make the “right choice” in choosing their field of study and choice of career! 😀

Once again, thank you Straits Times & SMU!


Look what I found in today’s #StraitsTimes haha. :)When I first joined SMU, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. But…

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Last Saturday, I headed back to my Alma Mater (Singapore Management University) to attend our Alumni Day 2014, and was delighted to catch up with all my old school mates and seniors.

The school even arranged for a distinguished professor, Ang Ser-Keng, to provide us with some “tips” on how to invest for our dreams. Surprisingly, even in a business school, investing skills are still mostly lacking after graduation. 😀

SMU Alumni Event | Investing for your Dreams: Start Early, Start Smart

SMU Alumni Event | Investing for your Dreams: Start Early, Start Smart

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2014-08-16 15.12.00

2014-08-16 15.21.37

SMU Alumni Event | Networking across all Batches

SMU Alumni Event | Networking across all Batches

The Real Reason We Are Here For :D

The Real Reason We Are Here For 😀