A few weeks, ago, I was invited ask a panelist for the SMU Business Forum, alongside many other established industry experts. It was a great opportunity to give back to my Alma mater, by sharing my business insights with the current students. In addition, I also learnt a lot from the other panelists.

Discussion Questions:

1) With the increasing focus to capitalize on high growth potential economies, how do industry leaders identify and move into emerging markets relevant to their business?
2) How can undergraduates prepare themselves to be “regionally” ready?

From left to right: Spencer Li, Diona Costache (Regional Manager GCAS APAC of Google), Izlyn Chan (CEO of BHG Retail REIT), Lex Lee (Director of Risk Consulting SEA from Deloitte), Anthony Pagano (CEO of Burger King APAC Region)

Once again, a big thanks to BONDUE | SMU Business Society for organising!

After months of hard work and preparation, we finally launched Hustle Cafe, a brand new concept providing awesome brunch and 12 taps of craft beer (and cider).

But that is just the tip of the iceberg. 😀

Hustle Cafe occupies level 1 of the building, and on level 2, we have a co-working space for like-minded individuals to network and create synergies with their business.

And finally, on level 3, we have a training room, where classes on entrepreneurship, business growth and social media are conducted, and with that our whole business functions as a closely-knit business incubator community.

Do drop by when you are free, and have a chat with the friendly staff to find out more. See you there!

P.S. My favourite is the Carbonara pasta and Salmon Rosti, and for drinks I like number 3 and number 9. 😀

P.S.S. I will be having a workshop on trading and investing, and if you are keen to find out more about angel investing and why I invest in businesses such as this, do drop by to have a chat!
Check availability:


Grand opening on 21st July! Can’t wait! ? #hustlecafe

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Chilling at my new cafe and making some trades. ? #hustleco

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Last week, I had the privilege to attend a 7-day training program in Johor to learn from Bill Allen, David Neenan, and the legendary Marshall Thurber.

It was a great time making new friends, learning (so many amazing individuals here!), and reflecting on turning 31 (on the first day of the course) this year.

Last year was an eventful year for me, in which I continued to grow my training business, bought a new house, and invested in 10+ new businesses.

During the 7 days, I also read these 3 books during my free time (in between the eating/drinking/massage sessions), which further gave me insights and clarity on how to build network by following sound business principles and sticking to my integrity. I am looking forward to many new exciting projects coming up soon.

  • Dotcom Secrets – By Russell Brunson
  • Expert Secrets – By Russell Brunson
  • No Excuses – By David Neenan & Eric Lucas

Here is a summary of some of the key learning points from the course and the books:

  • How to position yourself as an expert in your field
  • How to develop sales funnels and build a strong “CULT-ure”
  • The story of the sea quirt – don’t stop learning!
  • Claiming responsibility gives us power over our lives.
  • Moments of hardship and difficulty are the times when we strengthen the muscle of responsibility. Only through challenge do we grow.
  • 4 options when you hit the wall: change yourself, change the system, get out, suffer.
  • When you are perturbed and aware, it means that an opportunity for a breakthrough may be at hand.
  • “Most of the best things that ever came my way seemed, at first, as if they might be the worst.”
  • Simply acquiring information is not learning – knowing vs. doing
  • Luck is what happens when preparation meets action.
  • Mistakes = great learning moments
  • A lateral thought is an innovation that takes an entirely new tack to solving a problem.
  • Lateral thought > Niche (Lag) > Leverage > Value
  • Commodity > Product > Service > Experience > Transformational offer
  • “Emergence by Emergency” – Bucky
  • Do you allow others to love and support you? support vs. propping up.
  • Values are the ideas that guide all your actions. Abundance is an attitude that shapes your reality.
  • What legacy do you want to create for this world?
  • Speed learning – learning is not time dependent, and once you get it, you get it.
  • Leadership – being able to make good predictions.
  • Hero vs. Victim mentality
  • The power of priming
  • The importance of a good network – strong connections & weak ties
  • Communication is the response I get
  • Interesting vs. Interested
  • The importance of “Essence” and “Emotions” – Go Hydra! 😀
  • Cyclical vs. Structural change
  • 2 most important things: time & attention
  • Clarity is power!
  • The law of Abundance – Sharing is having more!!! Cooperation vs. Competition.
  • “Financial freedom is having enough” – when is enough for you?
  • How to use leverage to amplify your resources
  • Ephemeralization – doing more with less
  • What business are you really in? (Hint: same for all biz)
  • Sometimes you need to slow down to get there faster
  • All decision are driven by emotions – get to the heart of the matter
  • DyVal = Quality/Investment
  • Request > Suggest > Surprise & Delight
  • The concept of Precession – always keep moving!
  • Theory > Method > Tools > Metrics
  • Network Science – how to build strong networks
  • What do you want to do in life once you have enough money?
  • Dissipative structures and Perturbation
  • How to deliver powerful presentations – the “Essence”
  • The concept of Entrainment
  • Mastery is to simplify the complex
  • Values vs. Policy – United Airlines case study
  • Client vs. Customers – how to attract more missionaries
  • Lemonade stand game – Revision of GAAP vs. IFRS accounting standards


Here are more photos of the event:

Photo with Bill and David, all business superstars. ? #7daysbizschool #futureofbusiness

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Photo with the legend himself! #marshallthurber #futureofbusiness #futureofbusinessasia

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Once again, a big thank you to all participants and organisers, and for those who are keen to join next year, please drop me whatsapp/email and I will link you up with the organisers for next year’s event.

Cheers! 😀

Yesterday, I was invited to speak at the SMU Open House, as an Alumni of the School of Accountancy and School of Business. It was a great honour to contribute back to my Alma Mater, and inspire the next generation of students to greater heights.

Full photo album for the event:

Once again, a big thanks to SMU for inviting me back, and also to the professors who have supported me along the way, and everyone else who turned up to support me yesterday! Cheers! 😀