Guest Speaker at NTU | Learning to Delve into Market News

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A big thanks to NTU-IIC and Lim & Tan Securities for inviting me down as a guest speaker to share with students how to read market news and use it to trade effectively.

It was interesting that many students were keen on a career in professional trading, and I am glad I was able to give them some useful tips.

I look forward to giving more talks and workshops, to fulfill our VISION of “Financial Freedom for Every Individual through Education”, and our MISSION to be the “#1 Resource for Stocks & Forex Education”.

Thank you for your support! 😀

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Guest Speaker at NTU | First-time Traders, Please Raise your Hands!

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Guest Speaker at NTU | Learning to Delve into Market News

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Guest Speaker at NTU | What Will You Do?

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Guest Speaker at NTU | The Traders of Tomorrow 😀

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Guest Speaker at NTU | Proudly Sponsored by Lim & Tan

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Guest Speaker at NTU | The Best Part of the Workshop 🙂

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Guest Speaker at NTU | A Big Thanks to All 103 Participants!

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