Testimonial: “A Proven System which Delivers Consistent Results”

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Testimonials Jeremy Archer

“A Proven System which Delivers Consistent Results” – Jeremy Archer

“”A Proven System which Delivers Consistent Results”.” – Jeremy Archer

Thank you Jeremy for your kind testimonial, and we wish you all the best in your trading!

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2 replies
  1. Lim Tek Kiong
    Lim Tek Kiong says:

    Hi mr spencer can i check with u if you will login and show your weekly or monthly trading statement? i can meet u up for a coffee

    • Spencer Li
      Spencer Li says:

      Since we have started collaborating with SGX, we now refrain from posting/showing any trading statements for stock trades.

      If there is any doubt, you can ask any of my students in the forum, or you can look thru my blog posts to see those calls I posted in advance, and how they turned out.

      If there is availability, you can also come for any my workshops/seminars where I share upcoming trading opportunities for people to trade the next day. For example, at the event last night, I gave a couple of counters to trade for today.


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