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Forex Trading | EUR/USD – A larger move coming?

  This is the 5-min chart from the CMC Markets platform. There were a handful of decent trades today. Prices are stalling at the bottom of a large channel, and look like they might be accumulating longs for a bigger move later on. Let’s watch and see. Numbers on the chart correspond to the setups […]

Forex Trading | EUR/USD – Trend Channel Day

  This is a 5-min chart of the EUR/USD using the CMC Markets platform, and offers a glimpse of how I trade with 5-min charts. Price action is useful and universally applicable because it can work on most counters and most timeframes, even if the products do not have volume.  This was quite a decent […]

Loss Aversion Bias – Why a Loss Has Twice the Psychological Impact

Loss aversion bias was developed by Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky in 1979 as part of the original prospect theory. Basically, it suggests that psychologically, the possibility of a loss is on average twice as powerful a motivator as the possibility of making a gain of equal magnitude. In short, it suggests that people woud […]

Private Trading Workshop | Guest Speaker at STATS (Singapore Technical Analysts & Traders Society)

Today, we were invited to give an exclusive seminar to the members of STATS (Singapore Technical Analysts & Traders Society), where we shared our prototype of the Trader Blueprint. With a focus on price action and psychology, we shared how to nurture a new trader into a professional via our blueprint for success. This included […]

Confirmation Bias – I See Only What I Want to See!

Confirmation bias refers to a type of selective perception that emphasizes ideas that confirm our beliefs, while devaluing whatever contradicts our beliefs. This can be thought of as a form of selection bias in collecting evidence to support certain chosen beliefs. For example, you may believe that more red cars drive by your house during […]