STI Index – Possible Outcomes in the Near Future (Weekly Chart Analysis)

sti 190716

Where is the STI Index headed to in the near future?

Check out the possible trajectories in this weekly chart.

Which will prevail?

Personally, I think it looks kinda bullish. 😀

P.S. Anyone managed to identify the obvious pattern on the chart?

How Will Brexit Affect the Various Markets?

Last week, there was much turmoil and excitement in the market. Fortunes were made and lost. And many markets spiked strongly, hitting record new highs or lows.

The pound has crashed more than 12%.



Gold rose more than 5% in a day:



And Oil has started to tip under the 20-EMA (daily chart):



The ASOS site crashed as too many shoppers started to buy on the cheap pound.a

Fox news network wrongly reports that the UK has left the United Nations:



It seems that almost anything that deals in pounds or derives revenues from the UK is at risk of being dumped. For example, Comfortdelgro runs bus and taxi services in the UK, deriving more than 20% of its operating profit there.

The STI has rolled over on the daily chart, and is convincingly under the 20-EMA.

But on the multi-year chart, if we zoom out a lot we see it has quite a bit of room to move down before it can be considered a bargain buy. I’ve talked about it in my previous workshops, when I showcase my 30-year forecasting chart for long-term investors.



There’s a lot of talk about the Brexit being a financial snowball that will end in financial mayhem. There are also people on the internet talking about a huge correction in real estate prices in Singapore:


Overall, I’m glad I stayed out of the Brexit and closed all my positions prior to the Brexit (last wednesday!). Having announced it on my private “live” chat to my program graduates, I sat back and calmly watched the world burn. Just kidding! 😀


What’s clear to me is that although the charts look a little ugly at the moment, the STI is still not undervalued.

For example, China Aviation still remains sky high, after having taken profit on a 5.83 R/R trade (meaning I made 5.8 times of what I risked for the trade):

Here’s the screengrab of when I took the trade,



And where it ended up last Friday. Looks like a really nice bounce setup but that’s for another time.



For now, since most charts are kind of messy and prices and in the middle of the spike range, I will be focusing more in intraday scalping trades to have consistent income even during such volatile times.

This is a defensive play, so instead of going for big wins, I am going for many small wins instead. Good luck!



Back from my Holidays – Made a Killing in STI, Oil & AUD/USD! $$$

I’m finally back from my holiday! 😀

2016-04-16 06.18.50

Before leaving for my holidays last week, I conducted a monthly workshop, where I shared some of the best trading opportunities for the week that I would be away.

Some of them included going long on the STI (Stratits Times Index), going long on Crude Oil, and going long on the AUD/USD.



daily trade alerts 190416



Amazingly, we managed to go long on the STI at the exact turning point, and almost immediately, the STI rocketed 75 points within the next few days. How did we managed to spot the turning point with such uncanny precision?

synapse network 190416

2016-04-14 19.40.18

synapse live chat group 190416

sti 190416



Crude oil prices soared on hopes of the talks, and applying the “buy on rumour, sell on news” principle, we managed to take our profits near the high before the talks. Eventually, the talks did not turn out well and prices gapped down.

2016-04-13 09.54.20


2016-04-13 22.46.50



2016-04-13 22.44.50



We are still holding onto this position to ride it for a larger profit. 😀

2016-04-13 10.39.55



If you would like to find out how I manage to make money consistently from the markets with 15 minutes a day using just my mobile phone from anywhere in the world, join me for a free training workshop next week:

See you there! 😀

Straits Times Index: Entering the RED ZONE – where is the bottom?

sti 260116 straits times index

As early as August last year (2015), which was the time I went for my one month tour in USA/Mexico/Cuba, the STI Index entered the dangerous RED ZONE, which signified a change in its long-term trend.

This was one of the major warning signs and red flags which made me liquidate almost all my long positions.

At the end of last year, I also prepared a long-term chart to study the 30-year trend of the STI, so as to pin-point a possible buying point near the market low. Since then, the STI has dropped alsmost 1000 points from the peak.


Currently, the STI is at hovering near the 25xx level, and the major support level is around 2500-2520.

The STI is consolidating around that level, and it is does manage to break below that, then the next level of support will be around 2200, which will be the buying zone predicted in the long-term 30-year charts in the previous post. That will be a good level to accumulate long positions for the next bullish cycle.


I will be watching patiently from the sidelines.

All You Need to Know to Become a Successful Investor in the Singapore Stock Market – Summarized in This One Chart!

sti past 30 years

This is a chart of the STI (Straits Times Index), which shows the performance of the Singapore Stock Market for the past 30 years.

It does not really need much explaining, but for the sake of new investors, understanding this chart will allow you to save a lot of time, effort and pain spent listening to analyst reports, stock tips, or hours spent keying in numbers in spreadsheets trying to find the “intrinsic value” of a stock.

The truth is, making big money in the stock market is as simple as buying low and selling high. Yup, that’s right.

Take a look at this chart. The green arrows indicate the best time and prices to buy, while the red arrows indicate the time to sell and get out. You can see that these arrows coincide nicely with the major market tops and bottoms for the past 30 years. Surely this can’t be coincidence?

This means that as a risk-averse long-term investor, all I will need to do now is wait for the STI to reach 2,000 before I decide to take action.

Also, I will continue to monitor this chart. Good luck! 😀