Exotic & Uncommon Technical Analysis Methods

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In addition to the mainstream methods used by professionals, you might also come across online some exotic and unorthodox methods:

  • Fibonacci analysis
  • Elliot wave theory
  • Gann theory
  • Harmonic patterns
  • Dow theory
  • Ichimoku Kinko Hyo (Cloud charting)
  • Volume Spread Analysis (VSA)
  • Market profile
  • Pitchfork analysis
  • Point and Figure (P&F)
  • Cycle analysis

Many of these theories were very popular at some point of time in the past, but after the hype died down, or newer methods replaced them, their use was mainly confined to hobbyists or niche bloggers.

I have read and studied all of them previously, so if time permits in the future, I might do some fun guides for some of them.


thumbnail beginner guide to trading and TA

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