strong uptrend

If you have joined our Telegram channel (link right above), you would have noticed that every trading day we have a “Daily Trend Analysis” post.

The purpose of these posts is to systematically identify the medium-term trends of major markets, which is useful for swing trading.

By identifying the correct trend, it narrows down our choice of actions to give us better odds of making the right trading decision.


daily trend analysis explained


As a general trading guide:

  • Strong trends  – aim to enter on small pullbacks
  • Weak trends  – aim to enter on larger pullbacks
  • Ranging markets – aim to buy low and sell high

On this screenshot example above, we can see that U30USD, SPXUSD, NASUSD and GBPAUD are all in a strong bull trend, which means the optimal strategy would be to look for buying opportunities on pullbacks in the medium-term.

strong uptrend


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