Last weekend, we conducted our first online workshop (SkillsFuture credit-claimable) on the basics of tech stocks and crypto, and it was a very fruitful session.

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During the session, we learn how to combine technicals and fundamentals to find undervalued tech stocks.

These are exclusive methods used by investment banks, hedge funds and industry insiders, so you won’t find them anywhere online or in books.

Here is some of the feedback and learning points from participants, after our hands-on market analysis session to find trading opportunities in the market.

At only $500 for 2 days of training, it is really a steal! (The value you get is equivalent to those $3000-$4000 courses you find out there, which only cover textbook knowledge.)

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P.S. To ensure optimal learning, we have capped the maximum class size.

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Last weekend, we conducted another successful run of our monthly Skillsfuture workshop, and it was an intense full-day of learning and activities, and not just the theoretical aspects, but the hands-on practice as well! 😀



I strongly believe that it is important for every individual to master the basics of personal finances, trading and investing, so that they can start building towards financial freedom as soon as possible, by adopting the right habits and strategy to growth their wealth.

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