At a cursory glance, the STI is still pretty strong, having had 2 legs up and forming a price cluster after surpassing the prior swing high.

However, a more astute scrutiny unveils potential new sellers stepping in, judging by the sudden large increase in supply volume.

Banks like DBS and OCBC are also exhibiting similar signs, but since both are advancing steadily in a tight channel, the buyers are still controlling the market, and I will continue to hold my long positions.

I will be trailing my stops to protect my profits, and watching for further signs of proverbial cracking. For those who desire a more detailed understanding of how this behavioral analysis works, there might still be a few seats left for our free sharing session next Tuesday.

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Here are some of our trade calls which we shared in the private forum about 3 weeks back, covering the major banking stocks. Both stocks exhibited a similar chart pattern, giving us a low risk entry with a lot of upside. This trade would be good for a medium-term holding period, suitable for those who do not have the time to watch the screens the whole day on hourly/minute charts.

d05 110713 screenshot

o39 110713 screenshot

Here are some trades taken by new students after they completed the Synapse Program, and they are almost already making back their course fee within the first week of trading! Keep up the good work!

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