A big thanks to Societe Generale for dropping by my house to do the interview! 😀

Always glad to share my trading strategies!

Last week, I got interviewed by the Lianhe Zaobao to share some of my market views, and also some basic TA knowledge.

A big thanks to everyone for your support, and thanks to the journalists and editors who took the time to make it possible! 😀

How time flies!  In the blink of an eye, it has already been 5 years since I graduated from SMU with double degrees from the School of Accountancy (SOA) and the School of Business (SOB)!

Now, having forged an interesting career for myself, I am proud to be the youngest Alumni here to represent my Alma mater, and I hope all those who just got their “A”-level results will make the “right choice” in choosing their field of study and choice of career! 😀

Once again, thank you Straits Times & SMU!


Look what I found in today’s #StraitsTimes haha. :)When I first joined SMU, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. But…

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I’m honoured to be featured as one of Asia’s top financial experts, and I hope my sharing will help others achieve early financial freedom! 😀

30 asia top financial experts


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This coming weekend, I am very excited to be invited as a guest speaker to share the stage with Jim Rogers and other investment experts at the “INVEST GLOBAL 2015” event in Singapore. I will be speaking on Sunday 12th April, from 4:40PM to 5:25PM, and I will be having a booth near the seminar room on both days. See you there! 😀


Topic: The Little-Known “Investment Wheel” Fund Strategy to Profit in All Market Conditions

As you enter the world of trading and investing, do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by the large number of different strategies and varied approaches? With the limited resources available, how can you maximise your capital to get both stable and aggressive returns, while keeping your risk low?

In this seminar, we have simplified the trading & investing strategies used by professional fund managers, and how you can apply this systematic approach to building your wealth, and watch in amazement as your portfolio grows day by day, with little monitoring required.

Learning Points:
• The systematic approach to generating income and building wealth simultaneously
• Little-known but powerful tactics to supercharge your portfolio returns
• How you can start building your portfolio immediately with little capital