Why are people flying in all the way from China, Japan, Malaysia and even the UK to attend this coaching program?

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The Most Comprehensive Coaching Program EVER!

This is a final call for those who want to join the March intake (5 & 6 March) and kickstart their trading journey with the most complete and comprehensive trader coaching program you will ever see!

Instead of just theories, we have included monthly practical workshops, discussion forum and market chats, daily trade alerts, stock screener software, and a guaranteed fund trading opportunity at a fund!

The best part is, that you can get all these for just a ONE-TIME, NON-RECURRING fee, with NO UPSELLS. Just pay once, and we will coach you until you become profitable!


Please Save Me the Final Seat! (5 & 6 March 2016)


Do note that the last slot is strictly on a first-come, first-serve basis, and we will not be opening any more slots after that.

Cheers, and see you at the top! 😀