After giving the “Market Outlook 2013 Seminar” last week, I got a lot of requests to hold another session as seats were very limited. Those who attended last week will recognise this chart, and kudos who those who acted on what I said in the seminar and bought this stock when it gapped down the next day as predicted, potentially capturing a 9% upside surge.

You can read more about the feedback we got on the previous seminar:

Due to space constraints, we were only able to accomodate 50 people, and I promised to organise another session as soon as possible for those who missed out, so here it is! For those who already went for the previous seminar, please do not sign up for this one, and give others a chance to instead.

For those keen on this seminar, kindly sign-up for our mailing list and reply quickly once you receive the invitation (I will be sending it out next Tuesday at noon). The seats for the previous seminar were filled within a few hours, so it is best to reserve early.

See you soon!

Starting to look toppish from a longer-term perspective.

This is what I call a strong trend. You do not have to be a genius to make money from this trade. Hence, for beginners, we encourage to focus on the trend-surfing play, and put aside the other 6 setups until they have mastered this.


Same chart as the one i posted a few days ago calling for a sell, except that this is the updated version. 3 black crows in that context is very bearish. I will continue to post new stock picks in advance in the Synapse forum. Stay tuned!

Looking at the STI, it has certainly started off April strongly (refer to the last post), without even pausing to take a breath from the long run-up. Unfortunately, contrary to what I thought, there was no good pullback for entry. In fact, last Friday closed on renewed strength. There are 2 possible resistance zones ahead which could pause the current move, namely around 3305 and 3220.

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Looking at the daily chart of CapitaLand, we can see that there is an inverse head-and-shoulders formation, which is a bullish reversal pattern. It has broken the neckline on a bullish gap up, and has now broke through the previous resistance at 3.46. It looks poised to head higher, with possible resistance near the top of the downwards sloping channel.

Looking at the daily chart of Keppel Corp, we can see that it has recently broke out of a triangle pattern, and has now formed a bullish flag/pennant pattern. Volume is on the decline and bars are small. I would enter with a tight stop to wait for a strong breakout, with a potential target of 14.00.

This is indeed a breakout from triangle formation. Some might argue its an ascending triangle due to the obvious double top peaks formed earlier but either way of looking at it is fine. I have drawn it as a symmetrical triangle in the attachment for easy reference. As for the price target, you actually look at the apex of triangle and apply the 2/3 RULE. That is to say that you draw the arrow taking the apex of the triangle as a reference point and count back 2/3 of the time frame. The price objective would then be the breakout price + height of base.