Weekend Madness: Havana Club Mojito Night

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Want to learn the secret recipe for an awesome Mojito?

Last night, I had an incredible (at least from what I recall) night, with free flow of food and drinks on the house at Fullerton Bay Hotel Lantern Room. With a bunch of my awesome friends, we ordered almost every item on the menu, from the tender steak to the truffles fries, not forgetting the exquisite mini-burgers and finger-licking chicken wings. oh yar, and the mouth-watering pizzas. I’m pretty sure we chalked up an astronomical bill. xD

The highlight of this closed-door event was the DIY Mojito station, where an experienced bartender shared with us his “70-year” secret of making Mojitos. I’ll let the photos do the talking.

2013 07 27 19.50.49

2013 07 27 21.09.33

Step 1: Add lime juice & 3 tablespoons of sugar

2013 07 27 21.23.10

Step 2: Add in the mint leaves (and stalks) and crush them

2013 07 27 21.22.17

Step 3: Fill the cup with ice, and pour in about 1/3 alcohol (Havana Club)

2013 07 27 21.22.52

Step 4: Fill up with Soda Water and mix well

2013 07 27 21.26.24

Step 5: Drink up, and repeat steps 1 to 5 till drunk

2013 07 27 20.43.16

2013 07 27 20.19.34


2013 07 27 20.12.12

2013 07 27 19.40.25Live Band by the pool

2013 07 27 19.36.36

Once again, a big thanks to the organisers and sponsors for this awesome surreal night!
Let’s do this again soon!

Special mention:

“Created in 1975 in France, Pernod Ricard has rapidly expanded over the past decade, through both organic growth and acquisitions. The Group is now the world co-leader of the Wine & Spirits industry.” http://pernod-ricard.com/21/home

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