Yesterday, we had another great live sharing session and market outlook, where we followed-up from the previous session 2 weeks ago.

In the last session, the focus was on the FOMC and interest rates; now the focus is on the debt ceiling and the new deadline: October 17. 2 weeks ago, we called for a short on the STI and the Us markets. You can check out what happened after that.

We had a discussion on many SGX counters, and I shared my top picks with all who attended this session. We also discussed the EUR/USD and Gold, which I will be sharing more tomorrow. Hint: I am heavily short on both.

After the session, I had dinner and drinks with two fund managers who came by from Vietnam to attend this session. Those who attended this session would have seen them in the front row. Needless to say, I will be seeing them in my next mentoring program intake.

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For those who are still deciding about the mentoring program, do decide soon before seats runs out. The early bird promotion will end this month.

For more detailed LIVE analysis and stock picks, join us for our next sharing session.