Weekend Staycation at Sentosa Cove, Singapore

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This weekend, it was great fun to chill with my friends at Sentosa Cove. Walking along the pier, with the breeze in my face and the chill holiday mood, it reminded me a lot of Europe, especially Italy and Croatia.

The W Hotel was a top-notch hotel, providing us with an excellent view of the island as we caught up over some wine. There was also a special surprise, but that is another story.

As we get caught up in the hectic 9-to-5 ratrace, it is always nice to take some time off to smell the roses, and enjoy the company of your friends and loved ones. Because life is short, and we need to cherish what is important.

I ended the week with some shopping to replenish my wardrobe, and started preparing for the next workshop this coming Wednesday. Looking forward to another exciting week of trading, and see you then!

To see the full photo albums for this trip, please visit: https://synapsetrading.com/travel-log/


Here are some photos from the trip:

2014 02 15 19.19.26

2014 02 15 19.19.45

2014 02 15 21.48.13

2014 02 15 22.15.29

2014 02 15 23.13.13

2014 02 15 23.38.23

2014 02 16 21.01.53

Once again, to see the full photo albums for this trip, please visit: https://synapsetrading.com/travel-log/

Enjoy! 😀

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