Last week, I was invited by ShareInvestor Academy to conduct a half-day skills training workshop at SPH to share some of my professional portfolio strategies and experience.

It was an awesome FULL HOUSE event, with 60+ participants from all walks of life, and they got 3 hours of intensive skills training, followed by some hands-on market case studies and market outlook.

Based on the heart-warming feedback we have received so far, we look forward to conducting another session in the future. If you know any friends or family who want to pick up some portfolio investing skills used by professional traders, do ask them to sign up for our mailing list so that they can receive priority updates for the next session!

A big thanks to ShareInvestor, SPH, Lim & Tan, our wonderful Synapse Network Team, and everyone who helped make this event a success! 🙂

Full-House Event @SPH – Portfolio Strategies of Professional Traders

Full-House Event @SPH – Portfolio Strategies of Professional Traders

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For the rebalancing this month, we have increased our hedge slightly to take into account a potential correction in the month ahead.

There were major capital gains from Global Invacom and Gold, but no dividend payouts this month.

We acquired some shares of Pan United and ARA Asset Management for long-term growth potential, and OUE REIT for a 7-8% passive yield.

Overall, equities look toppish but the market has yet to confirm it. We will continue to monitor, and may take profits off some stocks to ready our war chest by increasing our cash holdings.

Stay tuned till next month! 😀

Portfolio Updates Jun 2014 2

Portfolio Updates Jun 2014 1