Bullish Trade Setup: Indofood Agri (SGX)

We have just taken a new trade together that I posted on my “Daily Trade Alerts & Open Positions”, which is a bullish setup on Indofood Agri.

Just a few days ago, we took a trade on Sinarmas Land, which is still open and in the money at the moment.

daily trade alerts 221015

5js 201015 indofood agri 2

The trade alert was posted on 20 October 2015 after the market closed, and entry was triggered the next day on 21 October 2015.

5js 201015 indofood agri

Trade parameters:

Entry price (EP): $0.565
Stoploss (SL): $0.530
Target profit (TP): $0.645
Reward/risk ratio (RR): 2.29

As you can see there are 3 more trade opportunities we are currently looking at:

  • Innovalues
  • Genting
  • Mapletree Commercial Trust

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SGX Singapore Stocks | Indofood – Commodity Sector in Play, Caught the Bottom Again :)

From the charts and data, we can see that the commodity sector is in play, which would explain why the recent setups posted by our graduates have included many commodity counters.

Indofood agri is one that I posted a while back, and we have been following up on it constantly so that everyone can follow the trade together. There is no better proof than having some profits in your own pocket :]

stock scan 110113

5js 110113 screenshot

5js 110113

SGX Singapore Stocks | Explosive Breakouts – Biosensors, IndoAgri, Olam!

Just yesterday, we posted on IndoAgri, so today were pleasantly surprised by the astounding +5.4% profit spike.

Besides IndoAgri, we have also been trading Olam and Biosensors, and all 3 stocks mentioned happened to be the top performing stocks today on our watchlist. What an uncanny coincidence!

Just yesterday I shared my call on Olam in the private synapse forum, and those who followed and bought in together with me should be sitting comfortably on a 3-4% profit (depending on when you entered). Don’t worry, because there is more to come! :]

swing stocks 221013

b20 231013 screenshot

b20 231013

o32 231013 screenshot

o32 231013

Invest Singapore Stocks | Commodity Stocks – Indofood, Olam, FirstRes

Here are some snippets from our Synapse private forum dated last week, and this will provide some trade ideas for the coming week ahead. Looking forward to the sharing session on Tuesday, where I will be able to share more!

5js 020913

o32 020913

eb5 020913

Singapore Stocks | Indofood Agri – How a New Trader Made his First 9.5% Profit

In our last hands-on workshop, after our team effort in finding good trade ideas, this emerged as one of the top trading ideas, which I also decided to share with the public on my blog:

Following that, many new traders took this trade, and we managed it together from start to finish, netting a profit of 9.5%, which was pretty good, especially for the trader who told me this was his first ever trade. Although he wasn’t trading with a lot of capital, this profits were sufficient to cover almost half his course fees.

As you can see, it is not hard to make simple timing decisions once you are aware what makes the markets tick, and how the Big Boys play the markets to take money from the unsuspecting traders who have no idea of their behavior and actions. I am looking forward to the upcoming hands-on workshop, and I am certain we will have a lot of good stocks to talk about. A note to all program graduates, please remember to register before coming for the workshop!

5js 060613 screenshot 2

2013-06-07 04.37.52

5js 060613 screenshot

5js 060613