Singapore Stocks | CapitaLand – The 11% Plunge We All Saw Coming

On the 6th on June (timestamp shows 7th June because it was past midnight), I shared with the Traders Network a great shorting opportunity to short CapitaLand, and soon after it continued to plunge continuously for a handsome 11% profit.

Most of us in the Traders Network saw it coming, since it was pretty obvious from a simple visual scan of the price and volume behavior. For those who took the trade with me, this will be another small victory to build up your confidence, and as long as you stick to simple setups and low risk trades, it is only a matter of time before your capital starts growing exponentially.

c31 260613 screenshot

c31 260613

Singapore Stocks | Capitaland – Next Mark-up After Accumulation

When the mark-down is over, it is time for the Big Boys to start accumulating long again for the next big move up. The clues are all within the chart, which allows us to read the behavior and time the market accurately. For this trade, we pretty much managed to catch the low of the move, locking in our profit and keep risk low for our new longs.

Even before the breakout occurs, the buying has already started, and it is better to enter before the breakout to minimise the risk, once there are sufficient signs of the BBs buying as well.

c31 200313 screenshot


c31 010513 d1

Singapore Stocks | Follow-up on Capitaland: Timing the Profitable Turn

Screen Shot 2013-03-13 at 12.35.49 AM


Once again, the Turn has worked beautifully, allowing us to short just as the market was tipping over. When we combine this behavioral pattern with our skills of spotting for real selling, it gives us the conviction and confidence to short this stock, reaping the rewards of our hard work. For those who cannot spot real selling, they might have tried to buy thinking that it is a correction, and would be shocked when the stock started dropping fast.

We would be taking a short break from posting, until the Synapse Program this coming weekend, as we are preparing more slides and examples, and we will be posting more of our stock picks in the Synapse forum. We look forward to a great weekend, and are excited to train another batch of successful traders! For any last minute sign-ups, the deadline is tomorrow, or until the remaining 2-3 slots are filled. Cheers!

Singapore Stocks | CapitaLand – Watching for Big Players


Keeping an eye on this one.
Will be sharing more in the Synapse Club forum when the time is ripe  🙂

Singapore Stocks | CapitaLand Follow-up – The Sneaky Buying


This is a follow-up from my previous calls on CapitaLand, asking people to buy when it gapped down on the recent tightening measures.

Congrats to those who dared pull the trigger, and made over 9% from the move up. will there be further upside? Join us to find out more this Saturday.