On Monday, I will be heading for my 1.5 weeks army reservist, which means I will be relying on my trusty smartphone to place my trades again.


Here are some opportunities I will be looking to trade on the go:


AUD/USD – Potential short trade with good R/R near top of channel



NZU/USD – Already short on this, looking more bearish after breaking the trendline



Coffee – Strong rebound after hitting into strong resistance, setting up a good R/R trade

I will probably not be able to update my blog for a while, but I will continue supporting the private forum (via my phone).

See you soon! 😀

NU 281015

We just took a new LIVE trade on NZD/USD on the H4 timeframe, and the trade parameters (EP, SL, TP) are indicated on the chart.

The NZD is one of the most bearish currencies at present due to the easing cycle of the RBNZ.

The USD remains the strongest currency in the longer term. Fed Fund Futures currently price a rate hike in March, with October at less than 10% and December around 30%.

synapse live chat 281015


Here are some of our other open positions:

current positions 281015

Next week, I will going through all these positions and new trading opportunities in my new FREE seminar, as well as the strategies used for these trades.
Check availability:

See you there! 😀

After my afternoon tennis game today, I was checking up on my hands-free forex trades, and I noticed that my NZD/USD HFT swing setup which I entered a few days back has retraced and hit my breakeven stop. During my last workshop, someone asked me about this and I told them that I took half profits when the price broke to a new high.

On hindsight, I might have considered taking full profits and going short instead since it had run into strong resistance.


HFT Forex Trading Strategies - EUR/AUD

HFT Forex Trading Strategies – EUR/AUD


For the EUR/AUD, I have taken half profits as well, after taking the HFT short setup a couple of days back. I will continue to trail my open profits of $1,700+ till price reaches the next support level. My stoploss is already past my entry point, so this is essentially a risk-free trade. 😀


HFT Forex Trading Strategies - EUR/AUD open profits

HFT Forex Trading Strategies – EUR/AUD open profits


HFT Forex Trading Strategies - NZD/USD

HFT Forex Trading Strategies – NZD/USD

Today, I spent the day with some friends who came back from the US, and we went to take a tour of the magnificent “Gardens by the Bay”.

There wasn’t much trading to be done, so I just did 2 quick HFT Forex trades, and netted a small profit of $546.

EUR/AUD has run into strong resistance, while NZD is resting on strong support.

The US markets looked toppish on open, presenting a good short opportunity.

This looks like a rather nice place, perhaps I might come here to trade more often during the day. See you there! 😀

2014-07-08 19.02.11

2014-07-08 19.06.24

2014-07-08 16.52.33

2014-07-08 21.49.31

2014-07-08 20.36.17

This week, NZD/USD shot up while Gold plunged. If you captured either of these big trades, you would likely have fared better than taking multiple scalp trades. In addition, you would have saved yourself a lot time without the need for constant monitoring and stress.

So, what is the next big trade for the upcoming week?

Hint: I will be watching the USD/JPY and the EUR/AUD.
Good luck! 😀nzdusd 280314 synapse network

nzdusd 280314