Yesterday, before the FOMC, we took profits on one of our trades, netting a whooping profit of 141 pips on the EUR/GBP.

Congrats to all those who took this trade!

daily trade alerts 190516

Daily Trade Alerts posted everyday on various products. Perfect for beginners to start making profits easily.

eurgbp 170516

eurgbp 170516 2

EG 190516


After placing the trade on my trading account, I immediately shared it across various platforms, such as the Synapse Network private forum etc. This is to enable everyone to follow how we do our trades.

2016-05-18 20.02.44

Getting ready to take our profits!!! $$$ 😀

Stay tuned for more “Daily Trade Alerts”!

BIG Swings of Profits

This is the 5-min chart of EUR/USD, netting over 140 ticks after the BIG Break and following up with a BIG Swing!

BIG Swings of Profits 2

This is the 5-min chart of GBP/USD, netting over 85 ticks after the BIG Break and following up with a BIG Swing. However, the swing was much weaker than the EUR/USD.

 BIG Swings of Profits 3

The reason for this – the hourly chart of the EUR/GBP. EUR clearly exhibits strength relative to the GBP, helping us decide which BIG Swing to catch.