grayscale ethereum trust chart 180821

As early as May, we spotted an opportunity to start accumulating Bitcoin and Ethereum, after a sharp selldown.

This was a good chance to add more positions for the long-term crypto bull trend.


My Trading Positions

Instead of buying directly, I decided to buy the grayscale trust of Bitcoin and Ethereum instead, since they were priced at a discount.

portfolio positions 120821

Here are my positions taken straight from my brokerage account. It shows the average price which I have accumulated each position.


grayscale ethereum trust chart 180821

For Ethereum, we made about 59% profits from our entry price.

grayscale bitcoin trust chart 180821

For Bitcoin, we made 33% from our entry price.

Ethereum Analysis

Here are some snippets taken from our public Telegram channel and private chatgroup.

ethereum analysis 180821

Bitcoin Analysis

bitcoin analysis 180821 1

bitcoin analysis 180821 2

bitcoin analysis 180821 3

bitcoin analysis 180821 4

bitcoin analysis 180821 5


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