Synapse HFT Stock Scanner | Offshore & Marine Stocks – Did You Trade These with Us?

Recently, with the decline in oil prices, there have been many excellent shorting opportunities for O&M (offshore & marine counters), which was also a good test of the robustness and accuracy of the Synapse HFT Stock Scanner.

Congrats to those who those first movers who have starting using the software and profited handsomely from this! There will be more to come. Stay tuned! 😀

Ezra - A 44% and 28.5% profit respectively!

Ezra – A 44% and 28.5% profit respectively!

Ezion - A 25.6% profit!

Ezion – A 25.6% profit!

Swiber - Profits of 39.5%, 32.5% & 16.1% respectively!

Swiber – Profits of 39.5%, 32.5% & 16.1% respectively!

Keppel  - A 10.3% profit!

Keppel – A 10.3% profit!

Semb Marine - A 22.6% and 12.3% profit respectively!

Semb Marine – A 22.6% and 12.3% profit respectively!

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SGX Singapore Stocks | Latest Stock Picks & Trade Records: Students Made $$ Again

Here are some snippets from the “Synapse Network” private forum where I post daily, and recently there have been many profitable trades and excellent trading opportunities.

Those who followed any of the calls on Friday would have many instant $$ on Monday, and every day there will be many new trading opportunities. I have included below some of the trade records shared with me by some of my students.

For those interested to find out more, I will be sharing my latest stock picks this coming Wednesday, and how I managed to find them with less than 5 minutes a day.
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synapse network 040514 sgx stocks

synapse network 050514 sgx stocks

Realized Profits (Jan+Feb 2014)
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Trader’s Lifestyle | Relaxing After Securing Profits from Massive Shorts

When I woke up this morning for brunch, i realised that all my TPs (target profits) had been hit while I was still sleeping. I was delighted, and immediately logged into the private discussion forum to join in the buzz and excitement. While I am planning for my next big move in the market, I decided to take some time off to count my profits and relax for the day.

c07 290813Trading Singapore Stocks | Jardine C&C secured 18.3% profits!

s51 290813Trading Singapore Stocks | SembMar secured 6.3% profits!

2013-08-28 15.29.11

2013-08-28 15.39.24Lunch set at Astons – Quite decent steak for only $30

2013-08-29 00.24.09

2013-08-28 23.40.23

2013-08-28 23.34.49
Ending the day with drinks at KPO bar

SGX Singapore Stocks | Straits Times Index – The First Bounce

The Singapore markets and most stocks on SGX (Singapore stock exchange) have taken quite a beating especially the REITs, which is good for us since we were busy piling on the shorts. With the STI collapsing to a key support (recall the vacuum effect we learnt?), will it finally be the right time to start probing for a market bottom? Don’t miss this chance, and come down to find out!

My next sharing session is coming up next week, one of my students will share how he managed to build 3 streams of income to increase his financial stability and accumulate wealth more quickly.

The last 2 events were sold out pretty fast, and seats are limited, so please sign-up only if you are serious about coming to learn how to take advantage of the recent crash to build up your portfolio of passive income.

^sti 260813Straits Times Index – forming a temporary bottom? This is just the first bounce.

c07 260813Trading Singapore Stocks – Massive shorts on Jardine C&C

ms7 260813Invest Singapore Stocks – our buy call on Vard; Vard remains one of the few green counters in the sea of red

s51 260813Trading Singapore Stocks – Shorting SembMar within a trading range

Singapore Stocks | SembMar – A Surreptitious Change of Hands?

A typical range play by big players, due to market inertia and predicted behavior. This change of power creates a high probability short trade which I am queueing for.

s51 290713

s51 order ticket