SGX Singapore Stocks | Olam – Student Makes $2,300 Profits from One Trade!

2014-10-02 11.14.24

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Trade Follow-up: Olam & Thai Beverage

Just a quick follow-up on some trades going on in the Synapse Network, with many strong breakouts occurring on commodity counters. This was our previous post on Olam:

We are glad that with our daily market alerts, our traders in the Synapse Network can easily identify the good trades and place their orders in a full minutes – this is what we mean by a hands-free system!

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y92 050314 thai beverage synapse network

synapse network 280214 market highlights

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synapse network 040314 market highlights

o32 050314 olam synapse network

o32 050314 olam


Synapse Network Trading Updates: Olam & YZJ

Here are our latest trading snippets from the “Synapse Network” forum, which includes an incredible breakout for Olam, and a potential shorting opportunity for Yangzijiang.

o32 240214 olamConsecutive strong breakouts, including a gap on Friday

o32 230214 olam forum screenshotsSpotted the breakout from the trading range

bs6 230214 yangzijiangSome probing action could hint at sellers stepping in

SGX Singapore Stocks | Explosive Breakouts – Biosensors, IndoAgri, Olam!

Just yesterday, we posted on IndoAgri, so today were pleasantly surprised by the astounding +5.4% profit spike.

Besides IndoAgri, we have also been trading Olam and Biosensors, and all 3 stocks mentioned happened to be the top performing stocks today on our watchlist. What an uncanny coincidence!

Just yesterday I shared my call on Olam in the private synapse forum, and those who followed and bought in together with me should be sitting comfortably on a 3-4% profit (depending on when you entered). Don’t worry, because there is more to come! :]

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b20 231013 screenshot

b20 231013

o32 231013 screenshot

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Invest Singapore Stocks | Commodity Stocks – Indofood, Olam, FirstRes

Here are some snippets from our Synapse private forum dated last week, and this will provide some trade ideas for the coming week ahead. Looking forward to the sharing session on Tuesday, where I will be able to share more!

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