SGX Singapore Stocks | Indofood – “Volume Turn” Incredible Hitrate Again

As predicted yesterday, there was a strong rebound in the 3 penny stocks, and I am looking to double my money on this trade this time round. Will be looking to lock in profits tomorrow.

Looking at indofood, it has been rising steadily since we bought in on the “Volume Turn”, and up +14.9% since we caught the bottom. Looking back, the accuracy is simply uncanny every time.

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SGX Singapore Stocks | Blumont & Asiasons – Shackles Removed

Just a quick update for the week ahead, since I am invited to give a talk at SIM (Singapore Institute of Management) tomorrow and I will be busy preparing. The topic is on behavioral analysis and “the true nature of people and markets”. There is going to be a big crowd, and it is a closed door event by the university.

The STI still maintains a bullish bias, I just posted my chart and key levels in the private forum. Come tomorrow, the designated security status is going to be lifted for these stocks, and I foresee another bounce in action.

After going long on Monday and taking profit on Friday (bought at 0.16 and exited at 0.20 after T+4 for 25% profit), I am prepared to see another bounce tomorrow, and I will be waiting for a good sign to get long.

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SGX Penny Stocks | Blumont & Asiasons – How to Catch a Falling Knife the Relaxed Way

As with all setups, there is a timing for everything. And while I don’t usually like to play penny stocks, I know that my setups work on them; so when I do get in, I make sure I make a killing from it.

Before we proceed to dissect my trade, let me reiterate that while penny stocks are occasionally good for generating trading income, they are high risk and should not be your bread-and-butter.

penny bloodbath 071013

After spotting the huge plunge, this activated one of our key setups – The Bounce. I posted in the forum and went in the trade myself, starting off small and adding positions as it became cheaper.

a33 081013 screenshot

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2013-10-07 10.41.35-1

While waiting for the profits to come, I went down to have a game of golf with one of  my friend, and also a former student of mine. As I said, once you know what setup you are using, there is no stress at all, and no need to watch the screen the whole day.

2013-10-09 17.25.13

Another of my student spotted the same setup on Asiasons, and went ahead on his own.

penny overview 091013Reaping the huge rewards. More to come?

I will be sharing more juicy details about this trade in my next sharing session. Reserve a seat early to avoid disappointment this time.

SGX Penny Stocks | The Death of Punting – Blumont, Asiasons, LionGold

Last week, we saw bloodshed in the Singapore markets, especially for those punters gambling on penny stocks. Fortunes that were built up over months and years were wiped out in a single day.

This is very typical of all get-rich-quick schemes – you get lucky and win a few times, then you get greedy, and eventually a big one comes and wipes out your account.

I am pretty certain many punters  have been burnt by this episode, especially those who follow tips/calls blindly and did not manage to get out in time. In fact, if someone gives you a tip to buy a penny stock, they may actually be unloading to you, and making money at your expense.

This proves once again that punting is simply a game of musical chairs for adrenaline action, while on the other hand real trading skills are essential if one intends to trade for long-term success. I have attached a screenshot of my diversified portfolio below, and I will share more about it in the upcoming seminar next Wednesday.

Are you one of those burnt by recent hot tips? Or are you stuck holding large losses?
And more importantly, how will the market fare after this bloodshed?

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