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1a. Getting Started: Building Your Wealth Portfolio

2a. Trading Basics & Foundation

2b. Trading Tools & Techniques

3a. Trading Strategies

3c. Asset Allocation & Portfolio Strategies

  • What is the purpose of a portfolio?
  • Why ETFs are useful for portfolio diversification & allocation
  • Investment themes: country, sector, niche?
  • Common types of portfolio:
    • The benchmark portfolio: 60/40
    • The risk parity & all seasons portfolio
    • The permanent portfolio
    • The global market portfolio
    • The Rob Arnott Portfolio
    • The Marc Faber Portfolio
    • The Endowment Portfolio
    • The Warren Buffett Portfolio
  • Considerations in implementation
  • Which portfolio strategy should I adopt?

4a. Products (Forex, Commodities - Gold, Oil, etc)

4b. Products (Stocks, REITs, ETFs)

  • Stocks (USA)
    • Market breakdown:
    • NYSE, NASDAQ (about 3k each)
    • SPDR sector ETFs
    • Gold, Silver, Commodities, Bonds ETFs
  • REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts)
  • ETFs (Exchange-Traded Funds)
    • What are indices and what purpose do they serve?
  • Stocks (Singapore)
    • Free tools for stocks analysis
      • TradingView, Google, sgx stockfacts, yahoo
    • Market breakdown
      • SGX (780+ counters)
      • Stock sectors: Real estate, banking/finance, O&G, commodities, healthcare, telco, shipping/transport, penny stocks
      • REITs: retail, office, hospitality, industrial, healthcare
      • ETFs (Bonds, STI)
    • Stock selection: Categories > Sectors > Stock

4c. Products (Derivatives - CFDs, DLCs, Futures, Options)

  • CFDs (Contract for Difference)
  • DLCs (Daily Leverage Certificates)
  • Futures
  • Options

4d. Products (Fixed Income - Fixed Deposits, Bonds, CPF)

  • Bonds
    • Singapore Savings Bonds (SSB)

4e. Products (Cryptocurrencies, Tokens, Coins)

4f. Products (Real Estate, Properties)

4g. Products (Private Businesses, Start-ups)

5. Trade Execution, Positioning-sizing & Risk Management

9. Tools & Resources (Books, Brokerage, Software, etc)