Forex Trading | USD/JPY – A Grave Miscalculation

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Today, I saw a low risk shorting opportunity on the USD/JPY, and shorted with hesitation. I knew there would be important news tomorrow, but I calculated that it would be able to hit my TP by today. 

Unfortunately, my calculation was wrong, but because I used my dynamic position-sizing and risk management techniques to manage my trades, I managed to scratch out with no loss even though I had miscalculated. 

Even when you have reached a high level of skill, there will be times when you will make mistakes. Taking a small loss is no big deal, it is part of trading. The important part is knowing how to manage your risk and psychology effectively, something which I have to help many new traders with.

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I just posted some key charts on SGX and UOB in the private “Synapse Club” forum, which I think have some good trading opportunities, and is an important signal of what is to come in the market. I shall share more during the talk this Saturday, and everyone will get a chance to talk to me, so bring your questions if you have any.

See you there!

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