Course Syllabus for Beginner’s Course on Trading & Investing

If you are new to the world of trading and investing, and wondering why it is such an important life skill to have, then this could be a major turning point in your life.

Most people go through life slugging away at their unhappy job, hoping to save enough to retire at 65. By then, you might have missed out on family, friends, travelling, hobbies, etc. True, money is needed for survival, but is there a better way to reach the same goals?

Infographic The 10 Biggest Life Decisions Each Person Has To Make

Instead of simply exchanging time for money, we can strategically work towards using your money to generate more money, so that you can eventually choose to pursue the things in life that you want to do, free of the worries of any financial burdens.

We can do this by adopting the FIRE (financial independence, retire early) approach, by having a long-term investment portfolio together with a short-term trading portfolio. by combining these 2 approaches, we can drastically shorten the time required to achieve financial freedom.

Here are some of the things we will be covering in this course, and we will continue to add more relevant content:

Shorten Your Financial Freedom Journey

  • How to grow and compound your wealth to retire faster and earlier (putting the same money in the right place at the right time)
  • How to build a long-term investment portfolio that can generate passive income for you even when you are not working
  • How to generate additional income from catching profitable medium-term moves in the market by spending 15 minutes a day

Trading Income Cash Generator Infographic

How to Build a Long-Term Investment Portfolio

  • How to diversify your investments across different asset class to avoid stock market crash
  • Simple low-risk and high-return portfolio strategies that do not require you to time the market
  • The practical way to achieve FIRE (financial independence, retire early)

Investing Vs Trading

Crash Course on Technical Analysis & Market Timing

  • How to identify long-term market trends to determine the best type of trading setups to take
  • How to use tools like price patterns, support/resistance, trendlines, channels to spot medium-term trends
  • How to read price action and candlestick patterns to time short-term trends

Trading Vs Gambling

How to Create a Customised Trading Plan to Start

  • How to choose your trading style, timeframe, products and trading setups
  • How to do proper risk management and calculate your position-size
  • Hands-on practice and group work to use the new skills which you have learnt

How To Craft A Winning Trading Plan

This is basically the roadmap I used to transform from a broke college student at 21 to gaining financial freedom at 28, over a period of 7 years, by following a systematic process of building wealth consistently.

And now, in this course, I am going to impart the same skills and roadmap which you can use to start your journey.

In addition, this is also a SkillsFuture Credit-Eligible Course, and you get a certificate upon completion. (This is a national initiative in Singapore, so just ignore it if you are non-Singaporean. You can still attend the course by using cash instead of credits.)

I am extremely excited because I have packed as much content as I can into theis course, and I think it will really be beneficial to beginners who are keen to start learning more about how to take care of their finances, and to plot a clear path towards financial freedom.

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