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Today, I was surprised to receive a whatsapp message from one of my students, with a picture of his Gold trade while on holiday. While I won’t usually advocate trading while on holiday, I was glad he followed my call to short which I posted in the Synapse private forum.

Normally, on a holiday you want to chill, and not think about your trades, so there are 2 key things to note for hands-free trading:

  1. Risk management
    Once you place your SL and TP, you do not have to watch anymore, just wait for the trade to play out like this.
  2. Position-sizing
    Trading a smaller position will allow you to “care less”, so that you will not worry at all. And as you can see, even a small position like this (0.1 lot of Gold) can yield large profits if you have the patience and the right timing.

This is a perfect example of hands-free trading, without the constant stress of  punting and gambling. This kind of trade accuracy and timing is only made possible by our application of market behavioral analysis – a new breakthrough in charting and price action where no indcators or special software is required.

Overall, this was a very good and clean trade, and it should be sufficient to cover the cost of his plane ticket. Great job, and don’t forget to bring me back a nice souvenir! :p

xauusd 300813 screenshotAlert to short Gold posted on 30th August in private forum for students

2013-09-13 02.06.36Gold Chart (Taken at Croatia, Plitvice Lakes)

2013-09-13 02.06.42I visited this place a few years ago too, the view is awesome!

2013-09-12 22.09.20Securing a profit of US$839 – all in a day’s work!



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