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Last weekend, we conducted another full-house training for the “Synapse Program”, where I spent 2 full days imparting professional trading skills to both new and experienced traders.

It was an awesome weekend, and I look forward to seeing my next millionaire student! 😀


“Wonderful course, highly recommended. This course gave me the confidence to read the market, and enter it knowing I’ll have higher odds of success!” – Jay Tan

“Trading is a lonely journey so having a network of support is a plus. The course is very technically based. This course has definitely help me to consolidate all the book knowledge I have gathered. Spencer has put in a very good effort to condense all the practical techniques as a starting point for a beginner like myself.” – Sean Tong

“Never know that trading can be so simple. Every time we learned something new, we tend to add on to our existing strategy thinking that it can better enhance our trading edge, but instead it confuses us more. Spencer breaks a whole new level of trading by introducing just these 4 types of setup that can easily give you the edge where others don’t have. Any one of the strategy with risk management in place, increase the probability of being consistently profitable in the long run. Whether you are a very experienced trader or just started out, you will find his course refreshing & enlightening. Support from Terence is outstanding as well. Making sure we are all well-prepared before the lesson. Technical problem such as setting up of account and program are well solved by the friendly and patient Terence.” – Willie

“Very interesting and informative training program. Spencer is very knowledgeable and able to coach very well. Students are taught to interpret chart instead of trading system.” – Teoh Chee Haw

“Amazing! Would recommend to everyone who is interested.” – Sarah Tan

“Spencer & Terence make a good team!! Simple & easy to understand!” – Rich, NUS

“Helpful for a beginner who has no knowledge of technical trading. Spencer & Terence are helpful with all the questions raised. Appreciate it!” – Jessica

Gave me more confidence in reading charts and making sense of the charts.” – Jenny

“Synapse manages to give us some simple clear guidance based on Spencer’s trading experience.” – Bernard Lim

The only course you need to attend to be pro trader!!!” – Wong Jun Jek

“The lesson was interesting and fulfilling. I have learnt many new concepts that I am unaware of.” – Tan Kang Rui

“Only attended day 2 (yet to attend day 1) but lessons are quite well-structured, ideas are well conveyed. Very interesting and easy to understand. And it is true that mentality is important, even for long-term traders.” – Lee Yong Kiat, GF

“An all-rounder course which touches on all aspects of trading.” – Tan Tze Yong

“The approaches are simple to follow through.” – Lindy, MPA

“Synapse Trading provides actionable knowledge that I can use to make more informed trades.” – Alvin Poh

“Spencer is getting better in his coaching & helpful & so is Terence – very competent & helpful. Spencer is continuously improving. Spencer training style improved another level higher. He is clear on his setups & hit charts base on 20EMA – very clean charts. Simplicity. Way to understand how to trade. I have made losses due to non-consistency & non-discipline in money management, but now it is different. I am making profits (decent) & my losses are way lesser.” – Eve Choy

“This course gives me a stronger fundamental base, technical proficiency, & more importantly the confidence. Would definitely recommend this course to others.” – James, JLT

“This course is an eye-opener for me as I did not think it was possible to trade without indicators before. Great course – it helped to simplify trading. Thank you!” – Raphael Chew

“This course provides a very holistic approach to trading. Teaches practical things like chart reading, psychology of traders and money management when comes to trading.” – Mingyao

“Risk-management is well-elaborated on.” – Sean Tan

“Spencer is patient and willing to share his strategy and knowledge without holding anything back.” – Alina

Very clear and structured explanation. Learnt a lot from actual chart reading.” – Cai Yitian, NUS

“The course suits beginners to more advance traders, explaining the basics to the simple set ups. Increases confidence to trade live!” – Jonathan Lim



The registration for the next intake (Q4 2016) has opened, and you can reserve early to avoid disappointment.
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See you soon! 😀


Hi, Spencer here! 😀

After making my first million at 28, and trading & teaching across 60+ countries, I have consolidated my knowledge and experience to create the most comprehensive & practical guides for profitable trading, compiled from thousands of books, websites, courses, and interviews with professionals.

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