The Synapse Program Q4 2013 – New Year, New Start, New Success Stories!

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Another successful batch of new traders have graduated from our Synapse Program, and joined the Synapse Network. This batch was a great batch, with lots of insightful questions, and it was a fun and life-changing experience.

Many people have asked me why I only do it only once every 3 months, and my reply is that I want quality over quantity. My goal is not to make money from the public by churning courses every month without any follow-up or support. My dream is to build a community and network of high quality traders, and this means spending more time working with and training all the traders in the network.

We have many new exciting events and initiatives planned for 2014 (you might already have noticed the new recent improvements in the forum alert system), and let’s all strive to achieve the goals we set during the course!

Remember, time can earn you money, but money cannot buy you time. Everyone has the same few hours to spend, so decide carefully on income vs. lifestyle. Once you spend your precious hours staring at the screen, it is gone forever. That is why we will achieve our market timing and profit goals with only 30 mins a day.

You have already learnt the secrets, and all that is left is to apply it for yourself and see the results! Good luck! 🙂

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Here is the list of feedback I got from this course, and definitely we will continue to improve the content and materials for all our graduates and new participants. This is the reason why we keep getting new referrals from past graduates.

I have posted all the good and bad stuff, you can make your own judgement whether you want to invest the time to learn this unique skill and let this be the turning point in your life.

The next intake starts on 13 January 2014, and it is going to be very limited, so those who want to kickstart 2014 and make it a profitable year, drop me an email for early registration at


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