Trading Class | The Synapse Program – Another Batch of Promising Traders!

New: Join our 2.5 hours live workshop with Spencer to learn the basics of trading and make your first live trade!

Last weekend, we concluded another full-house run of the Synapse Program, training another batch of promising new traders, and imparting to them lifelong real trading skills, which we hope they will continue to apply to achieve consistent results in the markets.

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We look forward to seeing all of you participate actively in the discussion forum, and at the upcoming monthly mentoring workshops. Remember, a skill is not learnt overnight, and it takes practice to perfect it. Together, we can avoid the common pitfalls that most beginners struggle with.


“The topics covered are very complete and cover all aspects of trading. Spencer is also very knowledgeable and is able to answer all the questions asked.”
– Ivan Tan (PCS Security)

“Content is simple and easy to understand, very useful for novice and even experience traders. One of the best courses in the market, will gladly recommend to other family and friends.”
– Adrian Khwang (Standard Chartered Bank)

“I have known Spencer for several years. He is a passionate trader & very well read in the subject of price action and technical analysis. Definitely someone good to talk to in terms of trading ideas and TA.”
– T.Y. (Proprietary Trader, Propex Derivatives)

“Detailed explanation of the 7 setups!”
– Christopher Chan (Mitsubishi Corporation)

“This is a very good training program for beginner, even for those seasoned traders.”
– Lam Lee Lee (HR Professional)

“”Detailed program which covers full aspects of trading. Good explanation given on the technical aspects of charts. Very friendly and nice trainer.”
– Janice Ong (Student)

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