Thank You For the Invitation to Speak in Philippines!

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Last week, I was invited for another overseas speaking engagement to share about my “15 minute trading strategies”, and this time it was in Manila, Philippines.

After speaking at the Traders Fair, I was also invited to join the Gala Dinner at night, and since I was in Manila, I decided to take a couple of days off to tour the place, and also visit a beach resort.

I will be writing more about my trading & travelling adventures in the next blog post. 😀

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Checking in before the main event! #tradersfair #manila

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Feeling high ??? #manila #tradersfair #finexpo

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Gala dinner party! ??? #dancers #tradersfair #finexpo

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Click here for full photo album:

Once again, a big thanks to the organisers! 😀

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