After getting a tip-off from one of our students, today we kept a prudent eye on Super Group, and true enough it staged a stupendous breakout from its consolidation pattern.

With the results coming out soon on 11 Nov, could this be another instance of price leading the news?

The breakout was clean, supported by strong volume (1.7x the average volume), topping the ranking today with a +3.52% gain in the market.

If results don’t disappoint, it will likely head up to test the previous swing high.

For those who have signed up for the free market outlook session today (Thursday), I have prepared some interesting charts to show the big picture of the market which I will reveal during the session. For those who want to drop by, there might still be a few seats left.

s10 071113 screenshot

rank scan 061113 swing stocks

s10 071113