Last week, I was having Army training in camp, so I didn’t have much trades, since I was limited to taking those hands-free trades. Still, it was a pretty good week, as most of my trades turned out well, netting a decent profit for me while I was out in the jungle serving my country. Unfortunately next week I will be having a 4D3N outfield exercise and will not be able to enter new trades, except for my existing positions.


Without further ado, here are some of my trades from last week, starting with some forex trades. I went short on 1 lot of AUD/CAD for 190 pips, raking a profit of US$1884 after price hit my TP while I was away from my screen. I only realised it after one of traders in the network mentioned it in our private forum.

audcad 050513 h4

audcad 220413 h4


Genting was an interesting trade, because it first tried to form a classical head-and-shoulders breakout to the wrong side, before triggering our long setup. Our TP of 1.63 was hit after a few strong moves, and price promptly reversed after hitting our TP.

g13 050513

Next week, the STI will drop to test the conviction of weak buyers the coming week, which would provide good entry opportunities for shrewd market-timers. I will be holding onto my shorts on Indofood Agri, as per my previous call to go short. I am looking forward to my next seminar once I return back from my Army training, and I will be able to share more about these recent trades.

On Monday night (around 4am on Tuesday), while I was doing some income trades on the forex markets, I took quick look at the STI Index and saw that the BBs were starting to load up on longs, based on the analysis of their behavior. This allowed me to predict the breakout with confidence, and it occurred a few days later, taking the STI to a new high.

One of my new students who took the trade following my call has PM me that he has already made back his course fees, but what’s important is that he now has more confidence in taking trades when he sees the setups. As they say, success builds confidence, and confidence builds success. Since it’s a cycle, one cannot become a good trader without having the courage to place a trade, because this is something one must do to really believe and trust the results.

For those who attended my talk on Wednesday, it was a great session and we had the chance to try out market timing using a trade simulation exercise which I picked up from one of the proprietary funds training. I have posted the photo of our market consensus, and most of us are holding the green (bullish) cards. Of course, I saved the best for last and showed those present during the talk my STI chart and how I saw the breakout coming.


Screen Capture

sti 250413 d1

2013-04-24 20.22.19

Starting to look toppish from a longer-term perspective.

This is what I call a strong trend. You do not have to be a genius to make money from this trade. Hence, for beginners, we encourage to focus on the trend-surfing play, and put aside the other 6 setups until they have mastered this.


Same chart as the one i posted a few days ago calling for a sell, except that this is the updated version. 3 black crows in that context is very bearish. I will continue to post new stock picks in advance in the Synapse forum. Stay tuned!


While most currencies exhibited a risk-on bullishness, the STI was experiencing intraday distribution (refer to top chart). This is in line with my forecast for the week, and I am expecting some profit-taking from the big players. My short call on Noble should be hitting its target soon, probably this week.

I started off the day with two big winners riding long on the EUR/USD and GBP/USD. I also wanted to short EUR/JPY and GBP/JPY, but a bullish spike when Spain requested for aid negated the setup. Instead, I shorted EUR/JPY after the spike. Let’s see how it turns out tomorrow.

Today, as I was looking through some of my previous trades, I realised that I could greatly improve my results by exiting trades once I knew they were wrong instead of waiting for them to hit my stoploss. Of course, this will require some judgment, but there are some simple guidelines which be easily applied. I will share more in my next seminar.


Recently the stock markets have been rather unpredictable, surging one way on political news and flipping the other way when new statements are released. For example, gold plunged over $30 in just under 5 minutes, dragging the EUR and other currencies down. Later that same night, “positive statements” regarding the fiscal cliff fiasco gave markets a sentiment boost, which has carried on today.

I was bearish on the Singapore markets, but I have liquidated my shorts for a small profit and now watching on the sidelines. I am ready to flip based on the price action. It doesn’t matter whether it’s long or short, as long as I am on the winning side. In the mean time, I am putting my skills to good use by consistently building up my capital in the forex markets, so that I will be ready when the move in the stock market comes.