The S&P 500 has broke new highs, and is likely to have a pullback before climbing further. This means that stock investors are still bullish on this market for the medium-term, and traders should not short till there are more signs.

^gspc 100314 s&p 500

The STI is also pretty strong, exceeding my expectations of a pullback. As a trader, the correct mindset to adopt is that the market is always right, so even if I was expecting it to drop, I must always be prepared for the exact opposite to occur, and act profitably on it.

As mentioned in some previous posts, the commodity counters are extremely strong, and I will continue holding on till I see signs of weakness. My short counters like YZJ and SembMar are still in the money, and I have shifted my SL to breakeven, so I am not too worried even if the STI continues its strong move up.

BA scan 100314 top performers

Looking at the chart below, if the STI clears the selling zone (circled in red), we have to take one step back and see the bigger picture, which is a large rectangular range. If we were to consider the recent breakout as a bullish flag breakout, we could see the STI surging all the way to the 3240 level.

^sti 100314 straits times index

Instead of trying to predict the market, I am ready to trade on both sides. As my mentor used to tell me, “trade what you see, not what you think.” Good luck!

More details will be coming soon via our mailing list. Stay tuned!

^sti 200214 straits times index

Next week, I will be giving a free seminar at Kim Eng Securities, and I will be sharing more about my unique method of behavioral analysis to time the markets. The title of the talk is “Behavioral Analysis: Reading the Mind of the Market”. I will share how anyone can time any market simply by reading human behavior.

After having given numerous talks and having been interviewed by various media such as SGX and the Business Times, I am glad and grateful for the opportunities to share this new revolutionary methodology which I hope will change the way people view the markets.

Free Seminar at Maybank Kim Eng Securities

Business Times Interview

SGX Exclusive Interview

For all those new traders out there, this is a great opportunity to pick up some new skills for trading and investing. Since this is our first time working with Kim Eng, I will be trying something new and exciting, so this is definitely not to be missed!

This will be my last event before the Chinese New Year, and I will flying off to Cambodia for a couple of days immediately after this event, so the market outlook segment will be crucial for the upcoming days.

This event will be exclusively for selected Kim Eng clients and readers of my blog, but seats are very limited, so sign up early to avoid disappointment. (Our previous event sold within 2 days.)

After my introspective getaway for a week, which included touring temples, tubing down a lazy river, and jumping from 10m high cliffs, I am much refreshed and energised for the week ahead! (More photos will follow in my subsequent posts 🙂 )

The best part was the surprise windfall I had upon my return. The AUD/USD shorts and USD/JPY longs I was holding was up a couple of thousand, and is still growing. I will update these forex trades in a separate post.

Now, for a quick update on the stock markets.

rank scan 221113 global indices

Last Friday, the US markets once again made relentless highs, defying gravity with its strong inertia. When applying the concept of human behavior, all I can is that greed builds on greed, and the bandwagon effect can provide the fuel for strong trends, which always last longer than you think.

^gspc 221113

The Singapore market, on the other hand, is displaying signs of weakness, which I pointed out in my public seminars a few weeks back. This is in stark contrast with the US markets, giving rise to a confusing divergence. My advice is to trade what you see, and not what you think. Hence, those with long positions should trade with extra caution.

^sti 221113

Last week, on Thursday at our LIVE market outlook, I gave the participants many useful tips to trade on, and here are some of them, including both stocks and forex.

rank scan 071113 swing stocks

^sti 061113On Friday, after sharing this chart on Thursday and calling to go short during the session, true enough the market collapse on Friday, with the STI closing down 25 points. There might be some rebound due to the US strong closing on Friday, but overall I am not optimistic.

5ux 071113This chart of Oxley was shared during our session, and it has surged up over 15% since then. Kudos who those who went long.

bn4 071113Keppel continued its uptrend on Friday, up another +0.83%.

bs6 071113YangZiJiang – Still not moving yet, but keep an eye on it. Very promising.

eurusd 071113

audusd 071113

Besides stocks, I also talked about my massive open short positions on the EUR/USD and AUD/USD , and on Thursday night and Friday night, both came crashing down over 200+ pips. It was a great way to end the week, and I will follow-up the step-by-step analysis of these in a subsequent post.

complete mentoring program

We also talked about the launch of our new course syllabus for the training program, those who are interested can drop us an email to see if there are still available slots.

If you are interested to attend a free LIVE market outlook such as this, and don’t want to miss out on the next one, you should start reserving your seats now.